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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I had a few friends and family members with curly hair and I just started cutting. I definitely messed it up at first but I learned from my mistakes and took advice from the other stylists in my salon.

What's your technique?

Take small sections and really "listen" to the hair as your cutting it. Move it around and pay attention to how it's falling and work with it, not against it. Everyone's curl is different and you never quite know how it's going to react until you get your hands into it.

What products do you like best?

I like a cream, usually. Something not to heavy that gives the hair plenty of moisture. One of my favorites is ISO's BouncyCreme or Redken's Ringlet 07. Crunchy curls are out! clients want touchable, soft curls.

What's the hottest curly trend?

Natural looking, controlled curls! When a curly haired client sits in my chair and doesn't want to be blown out straight, I put a cream or gel/wax product in the hair, diffuse it while curling it around my fingers, and when it's dry, I take big sections and spiral wrap it around my CHI Orbit iron. When I'm done I gently run my fingers through it and Voila! Beautiful, controlled, natural curls!

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