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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I have curly hair or I should say I did have curly hair. It was more on the nappy side than the curly side. Being a brotha from the Southside of Chicago I was always around some sisters with curly hair, my sister included. I grew up watching my mom and sister going through the trials and tribulations of working with their hair. I even used to relax my girlfriends hair in college. Once I started learning hair as an apprentice in Los Angeles I was appalled at the number of stylist that did not know anything about curly hair. I watched them refuse clients because of their lack of knowledge. I promised myself that I would never refuse a client because of the texture of their hair. I ask questions from my clients with curly hair and listened to what they liked and did not like and I am having success. I think the lesson will be ongoing forever.

What's your technique?

The technique depends on the type of curl that the client has. Some you cannot change the shape or you will lose the curl pattern and others you can cut wet and it will be fine. For really hard kinky afro texture hair I cut it like a hedge constantly picking it out until the shape stays true to my cut. I also have special shears I use for cutting wet and dry hair and combs that don't interrupt the curl pattern. The most important technique again is taking the time in the beginning to consult and come to an understanding of what your client wants and how can she manage her new hairstyle once she leaves you. If she can't replicate what I have done in in my chair when she returns home then I have not fully educated her how to maintain her new style.

What products do you like best?

I work at a bumble and bumble salon so my first choice is what I have available to me however I am familiar with other lines and there are some pretty good lines out there. You have to find what is good for you. Somethings work better on others and visa versa. A good moisturizing shampoo and condition for the foundation and a great structure product to hold the bounce in your curls is all you need. Stay away from water by refreshing your hair with a reactivating mist daily in between shampoos and you should be good to go. All of these products that I mentioned are in the bumble and bumble curl conscience line as well and other line that dedicate themselves to curly hair. Try a few a see what works best for you.

Any advice for other stylists?

Educate. . Educate. . Educate. . Continue your education. I am a stylist by way of an apprenticeship. I never went to cosmetology school. I learned by working my but off as an assistant and then as a stylist in training and I continue to educate myself with classes offered from Redkin to Bumble to Schwarzkopf. I also learn from my clients and their unfortunate experiences they have had with other stylist ruining their hair. Listen to them and if you don't understand something then find someone to teach you. I will be the first to tell a client I am unfamiliar with something that I don't feel I can give my 100% and usually by the end of my consultation we have agreed on something that we both can feel good about. As far as Curly hair. . .find the shape with out putting your fingers in the hair if they come in with it in its natural state. Find the desired length before the stretch out and compensate for the return bounce that they will have after a cut.

What's the hottest curly trend?

I think Natural is HOT. . . .anyway you can wear your hair natural with out the FRIZZ is HOT . BIG. . . SMALL. . . . doesn't matter as long as it is NATURAL.... ORIGINAL GIRL "OG"

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