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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

i have always had curly hair myself, and was always trying to come up with what worked best for me. many techniques i had been using were refined for me when i trained in new york with devachaun.

What's your technique?

i prefer to cut hair dry, without disrupting the natural curl. going through the hair curl by curl may be time consuming, but the end results are amazing!

What products do you like best?

i love the arc angel by deva. lately i've been mixing it with one condtion and using that as my styling product. i have been in love with derm organics shampoo and condtioner. they're sulfate and sodium chloride free, and the argan oil really moisturizes!

Any advice for other stylists?

people with curly/wavy hair have had every bad cut out there. you really need to listen to each individual and what they are having problems with. every curl is as different as the client, and all we curly heads out there want is someone to give us the cut and education we need to make our hair look the best it can.

What's the hottest curly trend?

really the deva cut is real hot and has been for at least 7 years. i also offer the brazillian blowout, and that really gives clients other great options. i also think that the products are evolving in a way we haven't seen.

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