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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

Devaschon,Ouidad,Curlisto,TiGi,Sebastian, 25 years in the buisness.

What's your technique?

I use mostly Ouidad, but I like to have a clean line at the longest part and I finish with the Deva technique. After training with Kristoff at Kurlisto, I found he does the same thing!

What products do you like best?

I don't like the feeling of stiff curls for the most part, I want to have my clients hair soft and free from frizz, "Soma" just launched an organic line, and the curl enhancing spray is my favorite. I also love the "Moroccan oil curling cream". If I need more hold I usually cocktail a little of the "Recoil". for over the counter brands the best thing I've found is "VO5 curvaceous curls mousse".. Although, its become very hard to find.

Any advice for other stylists?

use a soft towel to slowly scrunch and hold the curls into place after applying your product. when diffusing don't touch the hair a lot, let the dryer do the work, or better yet have your client sit under the dryer for 15 mins or so. I book my curly girls with 15 minute down time then they're back in my chair to finish for 15 mins. after the hair drys you will see if there is bulk to remove or ends that need cutting. this is where Deva cut comes in best.

What's the hottest curly trend?

I see so many curly girls, the biggest problem seems to be stylists trying to give that inverted bob to a curly girl.. blunt bottom brings our the Rosanne Rosanna Danna look.. SOFT LINES FOR CURLS!

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