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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I learned to cut curly hair by watching videos, going to educational classes offered thru my salon, and by practicing on a few of my friends.

What's your technique?

I dry cut curly hair. And depending upon waht the client wants, I use a bunch of different techniques I have learned thru my course of education. One of my favorite techniques is when you want to add a little volume on top, take a section of hair and weave the scissors thru like your doing a foiling technique halfway down the midshaft.Then cut. This will help lift the hair and create volume!! Enjoy!

What products do you like best?

I LOVE Paul Mitchell's Round Trip, and Matrix Curl Line. Also, Bed Head!!Above all the Round Trip by PM is great for body, texture and shine and is also used as a heat protectant and cuts down can use it before and after you blowdry.

Any advice for other stylists?

Cutting curly hair is a whole different ball game from cutting straight hair. Learn as much as you can so that you can wow your curly-haired clients. A lot of my clients have said that they have had a hard time finding someone who knows how to cut and style curly hair. They deeply appreciate my talent and skill!! PLUS..they refer their curly-haired friends to me which is a bonus!!

What's the hottest curly trend?

I think the Taylor Swift look is the hottest right now...more into big barrel curls from midshaft to ends and straighter toward the top.

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