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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I was trained at the world-famous Vidal Sasson Academy, where hair was cut and styled to be in its natural state, meaning, if your hair is curly, it would be styled curly, not blown out straight and manipulated to look different than it naturally would be. In addition to my education, I’ve spent 15 years specializing in working with textured hair.

What's your technique?

There is no specific technique just as no two heads of curly hair are the same. Technique is specifically tailored to each individual client. As all curly hair clients know, their hair is different each day and different in every weather condition. Through extensive consultation, each client is treated to a technique that is designed around their unique individual hair texture and lifestyle. The important question a woman should ask a potential stylist is, “Do you specialize in cutting curly hair?”. If they don’t specialize, you’re taking a chance.

What products do you like best?

As with technique, products work very much the same way, one product may work on one client, but may not work at all on another. Therefore, extensive consultation with a client about their lifestyle, styling ability and personal needs is required to recommend the right product. Having said that, my personal favorite over the years has been Davines MoMo Fluid for controlling frizz. Kiehls crème with silk groom, Sebastian Potion # 9 and Enjoy curling cream are also favorites for my textured hair clients.

Any advice for other stylists?

What I would like to share with other amazing stylists out there is, first, and most importantly, listen to your clients and their needs. I know that many stylists are so used to cutting hair their way and on a time crunch that they don’t spend enough time in consultation. Sometimes just taking an extra five minutes may make the difference between a client loving her hair and become a returning client or a client hating her curly hair cut and having to wait months for it to grow out (and then going to see someone else).

What's the hottest curly trend?

The hottest curly trend at the moment is curly hair gently styled to large curls and big waves. This is what I’m creating currently in Los Angeles for my clients who are both hosting and attending red carpet events. My clients in the salon are asking for blow outs with big waves. I’m also creating a lot of curly hair worn naturally as opposed to straightened or blown straight.

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