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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I was born with ringlets and there started the battle of the curls! I remember when I was as young as 5, getting a curler clip (the precursor to the claw clip) and trying to fixing my hair half up like Sandy in grease (after she gets the make-over of course). my mom let me go to school like that so it couldn't have looked that bad. :) I have had so many stylist attempt to do my hair through the years. The ending results were everything from a little orphan Annie fro, a version of the mullet, & a perm in 6th grade (the thought was that it would loosen my curl) oh, the insanity... living with this hair all my life has given me compassion for curls. I fought for a long time and I do enjoy having the options to wear my hair different ways (naturally curly, flat-iorned, or flat-iorn curls) but ultimately the sooner a person with curly hair learns to embrace what they've been given and how to make the best of it the better. cutting curls is more like sculpting than "doing a hair cut". Every individual section is a little different than the one next to it. and every person's head is different and should be approached individually. I personally do not think that there is a one size fits all cut with curly hair. It's all very personal, and takes building a relationship with each individual head of hair.

What's your technique?

I have adapted my own way of cutting, taking ideas from several different companies and then modifying them to achieve the result I want. Again there is no one-size fits all.

What products do you like best?

Sebastian Potion 9 for styling is Amazing and has been the staple in my hair and my clients for over 10 years. I keep trying other things, but I keep coming back to it. It doesn't give that plastic hair feel or leave a sticky residue on the hair. It just makes it feel like "good Hair". I also love Lanza's Trauma Treatment as a leave in or a rinse out conditioner. Silicone is a necessity. don't really have a favorite because different weights of curls need different weights of silicone. CHI Silk Infusion is good for coarse hair, and Sebastian's is good for finer to medium hair textures.

Any advice for other stylists?

I think, above all, BE NICE to curly hair. it responds twice as strongly to any pulling, harsh cutting, coloring, etc. than "regular hair". you have to treat it with love. lots of moisture and condition. curly girls want options too. give a cut that looks good curly or straight.(it is possible) Product is key! dry slowly, & less touching is always better when styling & thinning shears are just BAD!

What's the hottest curly trend?

smooth curls are always in style. Think classic 40's waves...

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