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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I saw an add in the current issue of American Salon magazine.

What's your technique?

I'm always careful to work with very minimal tension, and chipping cleanly into the hair instead of cutting blunt. Recently I've been doing quite a bit of "wedging" or triangular cutting to give bolder shapes. Though I love using a razor normally, I try to avoid it on curly hair. I think it can cause extra frizzing, which no curly client needs!

What products do you like best?

Recently I've been using ISO's Curl Creme quite a bit. But in the past I've used Aquage and Kenra creams as well. I usually recommend curly clients stay away from mousse or gel, stick with a cream based product for pliability. I never like the "crunchy" effect of gels.

Any advice for other stylists?

Don't panic at the sight of curls! Relax and try to keep the lines of the cut soft. Remember (especially with curly hair), you can always cut more later.

What's the hottest curly trend?

In my area we do a lot of natural scrunched looks. I work in a college town that tends to be a little laid back. But I often push my clients to go for a little bit more elegance by softening the curls with a large barrel curling iron. At some point most of us want to look like we're walking the red carpet!

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