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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

I learned to cut curly hair through trial and error. Regardless of classes and training, nothing prepared me better than hands on. Every curl is different and I cannot ignore the serious lack of curriculum in the hair school education on the topic of curls and their various patterns. It is like being non-existent. Nonetheless, over the years I’ve learned to combine barbering, hand scissor and various techniques to accomplish great shape for the client opting out of chemical manipulation.

What's your technique?

I prefer to cut curly hair blow-dried and straightened; I start by measuring the diameter of the client’s curl (while still damp), using my index finger as a guideline. This allows a more accurate shape that can be worn both curly and straight. For e.g., if the section of hair you’re about to cut requires 4”-5” in length then (use of measuring tape or index finger) will allow an extra 1”– 2” in length for the client to have easy wear for curly style. I use discretion when shaping curly hair wet or dry and recommend you do the same. For my clients with curl dimensions of a toothpick to a skinny pencil. I blow dry hair straight and use my Andis Silver Masters free hand (for initial shape) and then follow up with scissor over hand technique. If a cut will only allow your client one style, it is completely useless. It is always best to give your client multiple options when shaping the hair, giving them the ease of freedom to wear curly or straight.

What products do you like best?

For the tighter curl pattern about the width of a toothpick to a pencil I love Kinky Curly’s Curling Custard and Knot Today.

Any advice for other stylists?

Discretion and skill….lol, but seriously love what you do and do what you love. If you enjoy styling hair then croon your skill at becoming the best stylist you can become. Whatever you enjoy doing best bring that to the forefront!

What's the hottest curly trend?

Expressing yourself with the freedom of being you… it's all about the easy look of it… short cuts, beachy waves, biolage your high lights, bohemian styles, combines a braids or a twist with your curls…just have fun.

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