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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

The first salon I worked at was multicultural, and the black women showed me how to cut their hair. Curls don't get any more curly than an afro! That was 19 years ago, and I continue to learn, it was a great start.

What's your technique?

I do free-hand cutting. I'm a very structured hairdresser, and when I cut straight hair, I dictate what it does. But when I cut curly hair, it dictates and it tells me what to do! I find cutting curly hair very humbling.

What products do you like best?

I currently use J. Beverly Hills. Crazy Curl, Shine Drops, Leave-in conditioner, all work wonders with natural curls.

Any advice for other stylists?

When it comes to approaching a curly girl, its really important to listen to her (or him). They've probably had bad experiences before, or they wouldn't be seeking us out! It's important to respect them. If they have a problem with thinning shears, find another approach. They know what works best in their hair. I rely on curly girls to help me along! I allow them to be pro-active in the process.

What's the hottest curly trend?

Trends don't seem to apply to curls in the climate I work in as much as bringing about the natural awesomeness mother nature gave them. I do seem to be doing an increasing amount of re-texturizing for control, mainly perms (gasp!)!

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