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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

1988 was the height of the permanent wave era, and I learned how important volume and texture are, and how to control them. The creative concept of cutting curly hair styles is all about understanding the correct distribution of bulk - where to eliminate the excess bulk to add volume movement and bounce, how to help enhance facial features or cover-up others and how to create easy to maintain fashionable hairstyles for all curly hair personalities’.

What's your technique?

I developed “The Tunnel Cut” as a controlled hair cutting system that makes it easy to find the same pieces of hair to cut every time. This technique is very effective for controlling EXCESS bulk. The Tunnel Cut is not required for every curly head and careful consideration of tunnel placement is essential before performing this technique. The tunnels must remain invisible at all times including wearing your hair up in a pony tail. As no two curls are the same, so are no two Tunnel Cuts the same.

What products do you like best?

I’ve developed my own line of products designed specifically for curly hair, called Curly Hair Solutions. When I first began styling curly hair, I realized that nearly all of the products on the market contained oils and silicones which do not work on curly hair. Instead they coat the hair, making it greasy and heavy while providing very little protection from frizz. That’s why all of the Curly Hair Solutions products are water-based, so that they work with the water in your hair to control curls as they dry and prevent frizz from forming in the first place. Water-based products are also ideal for humid weather, as the moisture in the air reactivates the product and keeps curly hair looking great all day. Curly Hair Solutions makes it easy to have clean, frizz-free hair without ever having the look or feel of product in your hair.

Any advice for other stylists?

Once you learn how to style curly hair properly with Curl Keeper, you will have all of the confidence you need to use cutting techniques that are not necessarily taught at school. Successful curl control depends on the ability of the right products to perform. Your ability to use Curl Keeper properly will teach you more about curly hair. Since no two curls are ever the same, no two styles will ever be the same either.

What's the hottest curly trend?

Longer hair will show defined curls better, so the hottest trends all combine length with a funky, sexy shape.

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