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How did you learn to cut curly hair?

i found the curly girl book, I thought it would be a good coffee table book for my salon. I read the book and was blown away. That was the start of my curly journey.

What's your technique?

I have been trained the cut using the Deva cut method. My first class was in Boston Ma, I loved the class so much I had a class at my salon. I have also been to the advanced three day training in New York city. I am always learning from my clients and Deva, never ending process always evolving

What products do you like best?

MY favorite products are Deva of course, specially the light and firm hold gel (angel and arc angel) When applied the right way the can make any curl girl look great!

Any advice for other stylists?

find your passion for curly hair if you don't have it will show . be willing to learn a whole new way of cutting, thinking about and handling curly hair. this is a lifestyle not cut a cut.

What's the hottest curly trend?

I really don't follow trends, I find that if I focus on the client and their curls it will help them more than the latest trends.

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