stylist spotlight

  • lindsay kelly
  • Houston, Texas
  • Hairdresser/Colorist
  • William James Salon and Spa
  • TIGI

How did you learn to cut curly hair?


What's your technique?

Typically, I do the color/highlight, then, the shampooing, toning, conditioning, and then, the style out. once the style out is smooth and soft, I cut the desired style. client wants to be finished with curly hair in the end of the appointment, I cut their hair before I color it.

What products do you like best?

S-factor papaya leave in conditioner, smoothing lusturizer, and, the shine spray.

Any advice for other stylists?

I enjoy doing haircuts on curly hair dry because it gives you the balance you need which is opposite of the shape of a christmas tree. The volume on thebottom of curly hair tends to flatten thecrown area. Dry cutting enables the hair to follow the silhouette of a light bulb. I also use the term triangle and upside down teardrop. it's more manageable when the curls shape is fat to skinny.

What's the hottest curly trend?

I prefer beachy waves and bohemian chic. I like the hair parted in the middle for a retro glam effect. I also enjoy when its all smoothed out without gaps or separation, it looks very 40s.

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