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Cute and Comfy Adjustable Sleeping Cap by Blended Beauty

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The Cute & Comfy Sleeping Cap is adjustable to your hair size/amount or can accommodate curlers or hairdos with bobbles and barrettes. It also opens at the top to allow long dreads or braids to hang loose, if desired. The long lasting elastic is comfortable and does not touch the skin. It is easy to slide over hairdos from above or below. Hand-wash and lay flat to dry. The nightcap is adjustable due to the drawstring at the top. For bigger hair loosen the string as needed. There are three ways to put on the sleeping cap: (1) Simply slip it on like a hat over your hair. (2) Untie the back and open the top of the night cap, then slip it down over your face to sit around your neck. This allows you to do your hair, whether in a bun, rollers, braids or anyway you like to sleep. Then you can slide the sleeping cap up over your face and hair, then close the drawstring at the top. (3) Slide the nightcap up over your face and tie the drawstring closed with your hair falling through the top hole. This choice is great for long dreads, or braids. Please remember to keep the drawstring out of reach of children.
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