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Mimi's Diva Dryer Hair Turban by Aquis

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Curlygirls know that regular towels can cause frizz, but microfiber towels prevent that.

This fabulous turban is made from Aquitex®, a super-absorbent microfiber material that dries a girl's hair quicker than an ordinary towel.

Stays on your head with one brilliant little button. Dry your hair in half the time!

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  • Curl Rating: 3
    CurlRating: 3
    Mar 13, 2015
  • CurlyMimi - Hair Type: Type 3a

    It's an okay product. It does keep my hair in place and does dry it up, however because I have long hair some of the hair in the front isn't covered by the turban. Overall, it is okay.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Jan 03, 2013
  • epiffanihustlebunni - Hair Type: Type 3a

    Love this towel really dried my curls
  • Curl Rating: 3
    CurlRating: 3
    Sep 22, 2011
  • Iggywagy - Hair Type: Type 3b

    I would give this product an "Okay". It is microfibre so it absorbs water fairly well. I have not yet found a way to not reduce some of my curl with it as you do have to twist it to get it to stay on. It is handy for gals-on-the-go! It is nice to button it up at the gym and not worry about losing it while I bend to get things into and out of my bag and holds my hair off my face for makeup application.
  • Curl Rating: 1
    CurlRating: 1
    Jun 15, 2010
  • ZsaEscorbores - Hair Type: Type 3b

    I used this once to try to dry my hair and it left already frizzy hair 10 times worse han when it started. Would NEVER use again to dry hair! HIGHLY recommend Curls Like Us Curl Cloths instead. I wouldn't recommend this purchase to anyone, but if you already made the investment you may as well get some use out of it, like I did... I got good results for sleeping with overnight treatments. Apply the conditioner, clip hair into a bun, put on a shower cap, slip this turban over it to avoid a wet (and foul-smelling) pillow in the morning. I even used it as a home-made version of the Hair Therapy Wrap the next day. Just replace the regular conditioner with a deep treatment in the earlier steps and sit under the hairdryer (old purchase in my case) for 30 mins. on lo while reading a book or using a laptop/netbook.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Apr 14, 2010
  • bjeangonzales - Hair Type: Type 2a

    This is a great product. So much better than using a towel. Wash,wear and go.

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