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Creme de la Curl by Miss Jessie's

Creme de la Curl
12 fl. oz.
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Finally, the ultimate ultra conditioning super soft daily curl wash especially made for us — dry, parched, damaged, used and abused, chemically treated, color treated, natural, kinky, curly hair.

Crème de la Curl was specifically formulated for the dry, coarse, tightly coiled curl, but any hair type longing for a super moisturizing curl wash will benefit. You can never wash your hair too much with this carefully formulated non-sudsy cleansing crème. Excellent for curlies who want clean, freshly prepped, supple, tangle-free hair that’s ready to receive any Miss Jessie’s styling product.

This product is not chemically altering.

Creme De La Curl Cleansing creme has a thicker consistency than our Creme De La Creme daily conditioner
moisture, anti-humectant
Miss Jessie's
Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Ricinus Communis, Polysorbate 80, Isostearamidopropyl Morpholine Lactate, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Behentrimonium Chloride, C13-15 Alkane, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Chondrus Crispus(Carrangeenan)Extract, Cetearth-20-, C 12-20 Isoparaffin, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Amodimethicone, Centrimonium Chloride, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Trideceth-12, Peg-90, Isopropanol, Disodium Edta, Fragrance, Dmdm, Iodopropynyl Butycamate, Blue 1 (C142090), Yellow 5 (Cl 19140)

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  • Curl Rating: 4
    CurlRating: 4
    Dec 03, 2015
  • OliveJuice - Hair Type: Type 2c

    used as a leave in on 3b curls, day 2. i just lathered on my ends witha. bit of serum and brushed through. left my hair soft to tge touch. looks hydrated. no white cast. did not leave much slick. but i dont really run my hair through my hands and its always tangled anyways so i usually exceot that. i more a mouse girl. i try not to touch my hair very ofter. i like the consistency. still need to try on fresh hair. i think it may have irritated my scalp last night but im not quiet sure yet. i like the smell. however it reminds me of fresh linen. or laundry detergent. i dont hAte the smell. but i dont love it either. however the more i am using it the more i am liking it. Hense changing my rating from a 3 to a 4. Ive been using it as a leave-in/curl re-activator/ de-tangler. Still not crazy about the smell but i can live with it, with these types of results. still have not used on fresh Day 1 hair but im looking foreward to it. and even if it doesnt work out it will work out the next day or at the end of the day. so im pretty happpy. im very excited to try more and more miss jessie products. i bought this because it was cheaper then the pillow curls. which is what i originally wanted. I wanted to try this as a trial for the brand and i am very happy with the results. looking foreward to trying more products. specifically the pillow curls and maybe jelly curls. dont really like gel, but im open to give this one a try.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    May 02, 2015
  • annemieta - Hair Type: Unknown

    My daughter with 3c/4a curls uses this no poo as the cream in the LCO method. Never worked as a no poo for my 3a/3b curls but on her curls, as a Cream, it works like a charm. Very hydrating and moisturizing. On my hair as a cleanser, it felt as if i had poured a gallon of petroleum or something, really gross. I must say, her hair absorbs anything while with me, i constantly have to fight build up.
  • Curl Rating: 3
    CurlRating: 3
    Dec 16, 2011
  • shannelmorrison - Hair Type: Type 3c

    Again, nothing to brag about and will not be repurchasing. The smell is ok. It leaves your hair feeling nice and soft however I've used cleansers which have done that and more. This doesn't feel like it's penetrating my hair at all. Will use the rest of my bottle but will not repurchase nor recommend.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Sep 08, 2011
  • MyConfusedCurls - Hair Type: Type 3b

  • Curl Rating: 3
    CurlRating: 3
    Jun 24, 2011
  • mellipoo143 - Hair Type: Type 3c

    3.5 curls really...It gently cleaned my hair and left it soft, but the product is a little too runny for my taste...I felt like I had to use a lot in order for it to work. I don't know, maybe I had too much product build up. But I prefer the RenPure Help My Pretty Hair Is Parched! shampoo, which lathers but leaves my dry hair just as moisturized and soft.
  • Curl Rating: 4
    CurlRating: 4
    Nov 27, 2010
  • Violnjazzr - Hair Type: Type 4a

    I just used this shampoo for the first time! I washed my hair with it 3 times, mainly because I used a detangler before washing, and it didn't feel clean after the first wash. I wasn't sure if it worked, but lo and behold, it left my parched hair feeling incredibly nourished and moisturized. I definitely prefer it over the Curls Cleansing Cream. I take off one curls point because the smell could be better. I did not use the Creme de la Creme conditioner, but I plan to order and try the two together.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Sep 25, 2010
  • CurlyKid78 - Hair Type: Type 3c

    I love this product. Before this I was using Pantene Nature Fusion (Big NO NO). Since I started using this my hair is easy to handle. Clean and Soft.
  • Curl Rating: 4
    CurlRating: 4
    Jul 06, 2010
  • CrescentCityQT - Hair Type: Type 3c

    This is the only no lathering shampoo I have ever used and it works very very well. It left my hair very mosturized, but it felt like a film was left on my hair even after rinsing my hair with a lot of water. Still a great product for the no-poo gals out there.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Mar 26, 2010
  • costaricancurl - Hair Type: Type 3c

    I have 3c,4a hair, and this is the best shampoo I found for my hair which needs lots of moisture.If your looking to keep your hair from becoming dry in between shampoos, this is it, and it works extremely well with the other products in the line.
  • Curl Rating: 1
    CurlRating: 1
    Mar 16, 2010
  • jrad20 - Hair Type: Type 3c

    Left my hair dry and matted
  • Curl Rating: 3
    CurlRating: 3
    Mar 10, 2010
  • avivajaye - Hair Type: Type 4a

    This was good for hair cleanser - not drying and easy for me to work with even with my really thick hair. I couldn't withstand the smell, though.
  • Curl Rating: 1
    CurlRating: 1
    Jul 08, 2009
  • KinkyKurlz

    this...conditioner...was not a was like putting cement in my hair. Did not untangle my hair, did not provide a "slickity smooth"feel. In short, it sucked...
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Feb 16, 2009
  • redheadgrl21 - Hair Type: Type 3c

    I just used this in the shower and it is hands down leaps and bounds better than DevaCurl's No Poo which I unfortunately still have a 3/4 bottle full of :(. It is so much more moisturizing and I did feel like it pulled a lot of excess oil out of my hair (I use a mix of additional oils -almond, apricot, avocado, olive, flax seed, rosemary, etc.- in my hair daily to style it that can really weigh my hair down) and left a clean, but soft and moisturized palette behind. I do kind of like the scent of DC's No Poo better, but the scent of this product isn't all that bad either. It smells like a very sweet smelling, fragrant flower that I cannot place at the moment. Regardless though, it doesn't linger for too long, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. And for how much better it works than DC's No Poo, I'll take the heady flower scent over the preferred mint.
  • Curl Rating: 5
    CurlRating: 5
    Dec 23, 2008
  • Tkellie - Hair Type: Type 4a

    I really have fell in love the cleansing shampoo.It does exactly what it says it removes build-up and anything else thats in your hair. After use of this shampoo your hair really does fell extra clean and if you are expecting a lather like most shampoos this one doesn't has one. overall this is a great shampoo to have for your different line of products.
  • Curl Rating: 4
    CurlRating: 4
    Dec 18, 2008
  • Shea-girl-aloe - Hair Type: Type 4b

    I liked this cleanser beacuse it does exactly what it says that it does. However, I have found that useing Apple Cider vinigar works just as well. I will not repurchase this.

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