Why is texture so hot? Call it the three Ts: trends, technology, transformation.

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Trend: It’s in fashion to wear texture as fashion. The hottest trend is to mix–it–up–curly today, straight tomorrow, shiny and healthy all the time.

Technology: Products and tools to enhance and control hair texture are more sophisticated than ever before. And, of course, a completely new service category, keratin treatments, has exploded onto the salon scene.

Transformation: With trends and technology in alignment, it’s easier than ever for you to help your clients transform their texture. And for you to transform your bottom line.

As JPMS educator Stephanie Kocielski says, “This is the best time ever for texture.” For consumers, this means having more options—whether they want a dramatic change or just a tweak.

For stylists, this trend has created new revenue opportunities while providing more tools to satisfy clients. This texture revolution has been fueled by creativity—from the brand leaders who are creating new products, to stylists who are embracing these new opportunities, to the clients who are seeking out texture-specific products and services.

MODERN SALON and NaturallyCurly.com are collaborating here and online to help you tap today’s growing texture category. In this edition of our Texture! supplement series, we focus on keratin services, new perm options, celebrity trends, cool appliances and the hottest products. And, as always, the Texture! conversation continues online at modernsalon.com/texture and CurlStylist.com.