Rebecca, before and after

  • Rebecca, before and after
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  • tags: Curly hair, Female, Long hair styles, Redhead
  • caption: Rebecca
  • description:

    Rebecca says, "I love having long curly frizz free hair that is easy to manage."

    Keeping curly hair long takes special preparation. Rebecca has lots of new hair growth that needs to be grouped with longer hair for extra control in humid conditions. She has a medium curl that is in great condition and is easy for her to manage.

    Rebeccas's goal is to keep growing her hair longer, and to learn to control frizz.

    Tip – Applying Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper to wet hair helps to distribute product evenly making sure all frizz is controlled.

    Curly Hair Solutions products used in this makeover: Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner, SLIP Detanagler, Curl Keeper

  • location: Austin, TX
  • username: NaturallyCurly
  • link:

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