Lucie, before and after

  • Lucie, before and after
  • galleries: Makeovers
  • tags: Brunette, Female, Medium hair styles
  • caption: Lucie
  • description:

    Lucie says, "Curly hair is who I am. I love it."

    Lucie has wonderful, healthy, tight curls. Defining curl is not a worry for Lucie; her tight curl formation always stays consistent. Eliminating frizz and controlling curls is her main focus. She has the curls that are the envy of every tight curly head.

    Lucie's goal is to grow out her hair while keeping it healthy as well as learning how to control frizz.

    Tip: Make sure all loose hair and tangles are carefully removed before styling preparation begins.

    Curly Hair Solutions products used: Silk Shampoo, Pure Silk Protein, SLIP Detangler, Silk Leave-in Conditioner, Curl Keeper

  • location: Austin, TX
  • username: NaturallyCurly
  • link:

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