Ali, before and after

  • Ali, before and after
  • galleries: Makeovers
  • tags: 4a, Brunette, Female, Medium hair styles, Redhead
  • caption: Ali, before and after
  • description:

    Ali has thicker hair with a firm tight curl. Her hair is unique because it is long and has no chemical damage. She has very healthy hair that spins into perfect ringlets. Ali’s ends are in great condition so she can continue to grow her hair to reach her goal of having long hair. After she controls her frizz using Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, she expands her look with movement. This will also provide softness and controlled frizz free volume.

    Photo and styling by Jonathan Torch of the Curly Hair Institute.

  • location: Austin, TX
  • username: NaturallyCurly
  • link:

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