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  • tags: 3a, Brunette, Curly hair, Fall hair, Female, Medium hair styles
  • caption: Cathy, before and after
  • description:

    Cathy came into Christo Fifth Avenue with really dry, frizzy and distressed hair. Christo decided that Cathy needed to detoxify her hair in addition to having a color correction done. Christo began by applying Curlisto Systems Winter Bliss Detoxifying Treatment to her hair. Cathy's hair was then trimmed and reshaped. Finally, Senior Colorist Michael corrected her color by using all-natural fall red tones to enhance her blue eyes. Her beautiful curls were then styled.

    Model: Cathy
    Make up: Angela
    Color Correction: Michael
    Treatment, Cut and Style: Christo
    Photography: Christo
    Products used: Curlisto Colorective, Protein Boost, Structura Lotion, Bio-Gel Mousse
    Finishing Tools: Finishing Pomade, Structura Spray, Glow & Shine

  • location: Austin, TX
  • username: NaturallyCurly
  • link:

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