My curl fro!

  • My curl fro!
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  • caption: My curl fro!
  • description: Steps: -hair freshly washed (shampoo,conditioned) -Sealed with leave in conditioner and oil of choice(coconut oil) -used Shea moisture curling smoothie as a moisturizer and styler - DE tangle lightly and use section of small medium hair to two strand twist and using small perm ( index finger width) size just on the end of hair - Sleep with bonnet or under dryer for 45 minutes - to unravel the hair rub oil on hand for less freezes and start undoing the hair lightly -for more volume separate the twist once or twice and use a pick to fluff it lightly for maximum volume of choice - lastly enjoy your hair Bonus: Maintaining the hair just using a bonnet, next morning pray some light water and fluff =) or can re twist with larger section of hair. Enjoy!
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