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Default installling apple tv 2 jailbreak

Especially interesting are the past, so this time we will focus on two applications designed for this task: reverse any iDevice to factory condition, with the notable difference that would allow us to preserve both its activation, as the jailbreak. Ilex R.A.T . Simply the best choice. And I do not mean the role of Remy, the rat who dreamed of becoming a great chef in Ratatouille, but by its simplicity and convenience. Totally free in Cydia, this is a small application that is not only able to remove the sources and tweaks we had installed through the package manager developed by Saurik, but iOS will also return to its original condition, preserving the jailbreak.

Although previously it was necessary to use MobileTerminal to complete the process, the latest versions have enabled it to be carried out from its own interface certainly another great advantage: no need to connect iPhone or iPad to a computer.

First, we proceed to its installation. To do so, add the URL of the corresponding official repo, then we can find where Ilex RAT: Once open, find the only two options available to the app: Ilex RAT: Removes all the dependencies and Cydia tweaks, installed after jailbroken. Both the content and the device settings, will remain intact. Jailbreak and activation are preserved. Ilex RESTORE: Restores the device to its original state by restoring the firmware. Erase all content and settings. The jailbreak and activation are maintained.
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