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Default somebody bring education to the midwest!!!!

Yes, I love the site and visit frequently. being from the midwest we have very little to no curly education and I'm always look to find some. look at the site calendar, ISSE is all you see. all the educaton available is on either coast but NEVER in the midwest, and it's been that way my entire career! the biggest event here is the ABS in march and I've never seen divacurl, ouidad, or any other curl based haircare company even put up a booth! SO, I'm making my plea.....
I'm in chicago for cheeses-rice!!! why aren't we getting any of your knowledge here? while I consider myself to be a know-it-all on curly hair foundations I still need to be fed some curly-goodness. I'm convinced that curly gurl's in the midwest wear straight hair because most stylists aren't learned enough and lack good basic skills, they suck because no one brings the education to the midwest!
OH, somebody hear my plea and bring us education!!!
ABS classes, distributor sponsored classes, SOMETHING!
a few years back vidal sassoon finaly started training classes in chicago and I rejoyced, alas REAL education I can do! but that's it! a very good education but that's about it for what's available in the midwest. so how about changing that, let's get some events on the caledar and get the evolution started!!!
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