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Default Lady Gaga is full of it

Lady Gaga - Caca - has decided to give her fans the ultimate re-gift. Her hair. For those not in the know, the "re-gift" is that one gift you get from Aunt Flo that you absolutely don't want. You cleverly give it to your Aunt Glinda a few days later whey you fly to your other family's Christmas. Gaga has taken the re-gift to a whole new level. She's including a lock of her hair in every super Gaga gift pack. In it, a record, posters, and a tuft of stale cotton candy ie. her horse mane straw. Price: a mere $99.

How am I supposed to successfully re-gift this, Caca? At least Aunt Flo's rhubarb scented bath fizz might have slid under the tree without evoking a side eye!


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