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I have been a stylist for about 18 years. The past 3 years I have to say have been my favorite since I started to specialize in curly hair. I trained at the Devachan Salon, and have been devoted to curly girls ever since. My biggest challenge with cutting curly hair is getting my clients to understand the importance of the right hair products at home to maintain their curls. I feel as the they think Im giving some sort of sales pitch. We use Deva products, and in all my years of hair, have never found anything comparable to it. I teach them exactly how much they should use and how to apply it. Most of our clients see the difference in how wonderful their hair looks and feels, I just wish I could get those clients that do not want anything in their hair, or the ones who choose to buy cheap hair products, to experience how great their hair can look day to day.
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