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I am only vaguely familiar with the "bricking technique". However, from what I understand it involves using texturizing shears to minimize bulk. Differant hair requires differant techniques. Very thick and coarse hair might be able to withstand more texturizing than thinner or fine hair. Often thick and fine hair is more easily confused for thick and coarse hair. Sometimes thinning curly hair can make it "fluffier" so it depends on the desired look. Also, it greatly depends on the texturizing shears themselves. There are many various types. I would suggest if you wanted to try elements of this techique use shears with a smaller amount of removal on thick/coarse long hair. I am personally a big fan of dry cutting. It allows me to see the movement and flow of the hair from the scalp as well as specific texture for the individual. It gives me the ability to watch my work in progress so I can make adjustments accordingly.
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