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Yep, I'ts very true. I've had many bad experiences with clients in the past but as you become a seasoned stylist you learn the psychology part of being a hairstylist which is a huge part of what we do. I wish I had been enlightened to this learning curve in beauty school but this seems to be something that you learn on your own over time, and many of my fellow stylists never seem to get this at all! I've had experiences in more recent times with clients who are best described as saboteurs, people who are so used to dissapointment or being unhappy that they are upset before the work is even done. with some new clients I have to remind them that I am not their old stylist and I need to learn how to do what they want and what makes them happy. I recently read somewhere that the average number of times a client comes to you before moving on is 3 appointments, with so many stylists working in the u.s. I have learned not to be upset or take it personaly if a client is not happy with my work. I am very luck to be an in demand stylist with clients I have serviced for as many as 15 years, you can't connect with everybody who sits in your chair. take care of the people you like and let them know that they are special by accomidating their needs, within reason of course.
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