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Default I need help to help client

So I have a client who is trying to wear her hair curly after years of straightening (without chemicals.)

She is struggling with a few things and I have very little experience with non-chemical transitioning. (or chemical transitioning for that matter!) Her very tight coil pattern has a lot of shrinkage which I explained was normal although understandably frustrating.

I gave her tips on shingling, trying a protein shampoo (she's not cg) once a week, trying creams (rec Curl Junkie and KCCC). I also gave her and info for her to research.

One of the main problems however is that her top layer has stick straight pieces. I'm guessing elasticity damage and I told her we didn't want to cut them unless she was committed to wearing curly all the time (which she's not.) I recommended doing pin curls on those pieces.
I really don't know what else to suggest to her. I also am a little intimated if she wants a haircut.
Does anyone have experience with very tight coils, high density, fine texture going natural for the first time clients?
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