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rachelpeters 10-29-2009 12:37 PM

Professional Beauty Association Announces Business is Booming

The outlook for the salon & spa industry remained positive in this year's third quarter, as the Professional Beauty Association's (PBA) Salon/Spa Performance Index (SSPI) rose for the second consecutive quarter.

How it works: The SSPI - a quarterly composite index that tracks the health of and outlook for the U.S. salon/spa industry - stood at 101.9 in the third quarter, up 0.1 percent from its second quarter level. The SSPI is constructed so that the health of the salon/spa industry is measured in relation to a steady state level of 100. Index values above 100 indicate that key industry indicators are in a period of expansion, while index values below 100 represent a period of contraction for key industry indicators.

"For the first time this year, salon/spa owners reported a net increase in service sales. However, they also reported that retail sales continue to be soft," said Sam Leyvas, PBA's director of government affairs. "Long term we are seeing growing optimism on the part of salon/spa owners both in terms of service and retail sales in the months ahead."

Things are looking up!

curlpro 11-02-2009 08:18 AM

Well maybe somewhere, but not in Florida. The economy here is still depressed. Not as bad as when gas went crazy but still poor. I used to get about 12 new clients a month and now maybe 3. Plus when you cut curly hair they only come in every three to four months, unless they get color. Retail sales are picking up, for a while they were at zero, weeks at a time, where I was selling about 35% of my gross service sales a day. I'm back up to 20% so that is a good sign. I hope the economy is geting better, this is my third recession in this business I'm getting tired of building up over and over again. How is your state?

rachelpeters 11-05-2009 01:58 PM

Curlpro, You're right. Things are looking up, but that doesn't mean they are up. Right now CA, FL, and up north in Ohio and Illinois things are still very slow in all small businesses. Good luck to you and remember: things can only get better from here.

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