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rachelpeters 10-15-2009 12:35 PM


There is so much literature online and in salons regarding diversion. Diversion is the sale of professional salon products at drugstores or large retail chains. Countless hair care companies have shown ways in which they discouraged this practice, including scouring retailers' aisles and buying up products.

Many times diverted products are expired and/or damaged with ISBN codes scraped from their labels. Hair care companies claim these products had to have been stolen or "lost" in transit in order to end up on retailers' shelves. I find it hard to believe major retailers like Target or Walgreens would have the audacity to steal or seek out stolen goods from reputable hair care companies.

In an article by Consumer Affairs, investigators questioned Target about this practice. Target spokesperson wrote in a statement, "We have purchased these products on the open market and are conducting our business in full compliance with the law." He's right. Diversion is NOT ILLEGAL.

But we hairstylists hate diversion, because it cheapens our products and takes money out or our pockets. But if you're a hairstylist who doesn't make the bulk of your income off of retail products, then diversion is probably not a huge deal. Your client wants to buy some Airtight from you, but you're out. Send them down the street to Wal-Mart and keep it moving. Sure you lost the sale, but that client will be back, and when she is you'll be waiting with a few more choices of product for her to peruse.

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