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rachelpeters 09-25-2009 12:55 PM

Stressful jobs

MSN just reported the top 10 most stressful - but "worth it" - jobs in the US. They are:

1. Personal Assistants
2. EMT's
3. Farmers
4. Flight Attendants
5. Military Personnel
6. Police Officers
7. Real Estate Agents
8. Social Workers
9. Stock Brokers
10. Teachers

I think some of these jobs are far less stressful than being a hairstylist. Personal assistant? Real estate agent? Whatever. When I started out I was a nervous wreck standing over someone's problem hair or corrective color. Of course, most of these careers have a lot on the line like - oh I don't know - people's lives. The worst that could happen in the salon is a client's blonde lifts brassy...or breaks off completely. Yeah, that was a bad day.

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