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mrfhnl 07-16-2009 12:12 PM

BKT/Keratin question
Ok, if coarse curly hair has an abundance of protein, then how is it that keratin treatments can straighten hair? How does keratin "naturally straighten " hair that already has too much??

Tiffany 07-16-2009 08:30 PM

From everything we know about hair science, protein in and of itself cannot straighten hair. Only breaking disulfide bonds will do that and protein alone doesn't have the capability.

The treatments I checked out had a little "secret" ingredient in them...akin to formaldehyde. Surprise, surprise. And when I asked the keratin vendors at Premiere Orlando some very pointed questions on how the process works, I got a lot of hedging and deflecting.

Of course, I'm probably still pissed because one of the keratin salesmen looked at me and enthused, "You'd be a perfect candidate for this!" And I pointed to my head of non-frizzy, shiny, virtually perfectly-formed spirals and said, "Are you telling me you think I look like I need a straightening treatment?" The frantic backpedaling that ensued would have been comical if I wasn't so insulted, lol.

Without exception, every single person with coarse hair I talked to who had this done said their hair was an unmitigated disaster afterward...just like broom straw. No surprise there, either.

mrfhnl 07-16-2009 09:42 PM

exactly!! i remember reading about that in your book and i just can't figure out how stylists along with the companies are saying that keratin straightens hair! we all learned this in junior room perming! and i get that companies lie but wtf?? "simply straight" is what our salon offers and i just can't figure out a) how the company is getting away with it and b) why the owner/stylist doesn't understand the process they're doing.
so, it's like ammonia free color then? there's still a derivative in there.
there's no formaldehyde but a derivative that's breaking the bonds?
i imagine the straw outcomes are from coarse curlies.

mrfhnl 09-07-2009 07:24 PM

updated with question
Well, I just spent some time with a relative who got the BKT and this is someone who I definitely would have tried to talk out of getting this. She is severely dehydrated and unbelievably coarse. I was sure adding protein to this hair would have produced a broom like straw effect. Well, it did very nice things for her hair!:confused: It feels softer and is not perfect or silky by any stretch but way improved. I don't get it!!!

Amanda Statham 09-08-2009 08:19 PM

Keratin treatments do not straighten hair. Coppola is the company I am familiar with. The pictures in the print work are very misleading and the company is working on correcting this. They do market themselves as a "smoothing system". They state that the product "reduces frizz and curl by 95%". However, this is mostly suited for thick, coarse, frizzy hair. I think we all have those clients with hair as such that is just big and wont really "curl" and is thick and "wavy". Even if they are tight waves.( It can be used on thick curls but will by no means straighten, just smooth.) It is straightened with an iron in the process only to infuse the keratin and silicones into the hair. They wear it this way for three days then come back into the shop to be washed and styled. It is no longer pin straight but, more easily managed. Reduced to half or more of its original volume. It is a nice altenative for these clients than a striaghtener if they want a body wave type look. Not as much commitment as it lasts 3 months to wear off the hair. No line of demarcation or chemicals. While I am not the biggest fan of silicones I do like this option for those clients. Those sweet ladies have the hardest time just blowing their hair dry (or air drying), much less creating a style because they are not really straight nor curly just bushy. This process also shortens their blowdry time significantly. All and all a great alternative for these specific hair type clients. I have yet to see one disappointed( if not completely in love) if expectations are accurately discussed beforehand. :)

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