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Help Your Clients Discover their Inner Curl!

by Mahisha Dellinger on Monday, January 11th, 2010

Let’s face it, most stylists today focus on creating perfectly coiffed tresses with the help of the latest chemical processes, straightening tools, and styling techniques introduced by the new self-appointed “Hair Care Guru.”

Too few salons today offer services that cater to the woman that is longing to discover and embrace her natural curls. Which profile best describes your hair care philosophy? If you are the stylist that fears the latter will erode your business, think again. More and more women today have decided to forgo relaxers and are transitioning back to their natural tresses. These same women are looking for quality hair care products to use during their journey (hint: a great retail opportunity for your salon to earn more money) and a stylist that understands her plight and can help her learn more about her natural texture, and offer new styles and treatments that fit her new lifestyle (hint: this is a great time to revolutionize the way you do business).

One of the challenges with transitioning is the concern of lack of styling options, and the struggle during the growing-out period. I have a few options for both concerns, all of which are also business opportunities for you.


I know that weaves are considered undesirable by some. However, more and more women, of all ethnicities, are enjoying the flexibility that weaves offer. In fact, I myself had a certain view on weaves, until I discovered this option could truly help my customers who email me daily, frustrated with the transition process.

  • Client benefit: Your customers can allow their natural hair to grow back without the hassle of breakage from improper care, or the frustration of dealing with half straight/half curly hair.
  • Your benefit: A quality weave job can command from $200-$1000 (depending on your city, hair used, and type). Offering this premium service can greatly increase your revenue.


Newly natural clients tend to require more hands-on assistance when selecting a hair care line for their tresses….assistance that only an educated stylist can offer.

  • Client benefit: One-stop shop! Not only are they able to get the much-needed services for their natural tresses, they also can get top-notch natural products for their natural tresses all in one visit.
  • Your benefit: Niche products created for natural hair are in high demand these days. By becoming a vendor of these brands, you have the ability to gain even more clients through the brand’s Salon Finder page on their website (most have a salon locator page).

Product suggestion: New by CURLS – Champagne & Caviar Curl Elixir – Formulated with certified organic champagne extract and caviar extract, this product enhances growth when applied to the scalp, and strengthens the hair, while adding sheen, when applied to the hair shaft.

NOTE: Are you a CURLS Vendor? If you are interested in retailing CURLS, email me at to learn about our New Vendor Special. For more info on CURLS products visit our website at


Still today, natural hair care stylists are hard to find. Beauty schools are slow to adopt new methodologies. However, Beauty Shows tend to highlight new trends in the industry and offer classes and seminars on the topic.

  • Client benefit: Clients searching for a stylists that understands her hair needs will have a local stylist. Current clients.
  • Your benefit: Here is your opportunity to reinvent yourself, your philosophy, your business. You can become a hot commodity in your city while seizing an opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest.

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