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Festival Hairstyling with TIGI

by CurlStylist on Monday, March 18th, 2013

Festival fashion and hairstyles are a growing trend, so we asked TIGI to show us how to create a festival hairstyle on Cristina’s Type 2C hair for SXSW 2013. Textured hair is actually ideal for the carefree, bohemian looks that are popular at music festivals, and waves and braids are top trends right now. With the popularity of tools like Pinterest hairstyle inspiration is easier than ever to curate, and waves and braids are some of the top trends right now.

The talented women of Bettie Bangs hair salon in North Austin styled the bands and musicians performing at the Nikon Warner Sound showcase, as well as some of the guests at the TIGI Dry Styling Bar. While the stylists worked their hair magic, musicians took the stage including Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Icona Pop, Tegan and Sara, and our personal hair crush, Lianne La Havas!

Stylist Tasha Grimsley used a couple different styles of braids on Cristina’s hair, including hairband braids. She created two small braids using sections of hair from her temple. Using strands from the two headband braids, Grimsley then created a short fishtail, and then ended in a regular 3-strand braid. She used bobby pins to fix any strands that may be sticking out, and to get them looking just right. But remember, the final look should not be too polished, it’s meant to be boho! To add extra curl Grimsley finished off with a curling wand to touch up any waves that are lacking body. This helps especially for clients with multiple curl patterns. You can watch the full festival transformation video here!

Best Hair Oils for Curls & Waves

by Megan Dorcey on Thursday, September 1st, 2011

There was a time that the very mention of oils in hair products was considered a negative, but an oil boom has transformed the category, with stylists and their clients clamoring for the latest and greatest in hair oils for their clients’ locks.

“Traditionally, oils weren’t considered desirable because they added weight and tackiness,“ recalled John Davis, co-founder and CEO of AG Hair Cosmetics. “Had you asked me two years ago, I would have told you that all of our products were oil free. People see oils differently now.”


Oils themselves aren’t new. For centuries, women around the world have used botanicals and oils in their hair, giving it a healthy sheen and appealing fragrance.

“Botanicals have been around for a long time,” says Dr. Ali Syed, president of Avlon Industries and master chemist for Syntonics formulations.

Curly clients everywhere are asking for more ways to calm their frizz while ensuring health and shine, and the product companies are answering the call with a plethora of hair oils to choose from.

Argan Oil

AG Hair Cosmetics will launch The Oil in September, an argan-infused product. The new product is designed to smooth and hydrate the hair without weighing it down. The Oil is part of a boom in professional hair care botanical oil-based products that have hit the market. It is one of the hottest, most buzzed about categories in the industry.

Argania spinosa kernel oil (argan oil) has been the superstar of oils, with companies such as Moroccan Oil, Argadir, Amika and DermOrganic creating entire lines based on the oil. Argan oil is produced form the kernals of the argan tree, which is indigenous to southwestern Morocco. The oil softens thick, coarse and unruly hair, bringing shine to lifeless dull hair and even skin. Josie Maran has a full line of oil products including a Bronzing Argon Oil for the body that boasts the ability to leave the skin with a healthy, moisturized glow.

Argan oils are definitely the most popular in this vast market, but many companies have been infusing argan seed oil with other popular health-boosting ingredients such as Pequi and Amla oil. Macadamia Natural Oil, which combines macadamia and argan seed oils.

Michael Cain, the Macadamia Natural Oil’s education manager, says “with the matching of those two oils, the performance of the product is unparalleled as far as the absorbency and as far as the great benefits you get from it.”

Vitamin E provides natural UV protection, which is especially beneficial for color-treated hair but works on all hair types. According to Cain, the combination also “gives your hair elasticity which prevents breakage and split ends.”

Although some people expect hair oils to leave a greasy residue, Cain says these oils can actually have the opposite effect, even with daily use.

Hair Oil Benefits

“A lot of people that have finer hair will typically have an oilier scalp,” he explains. “This helps even out the porosity in your hair.” The oils also speed up blow-drying time, similar to the way oil and water separate.

Certain extracts like aloe vera, which is said to heal minor skin injuries, can help repair a scalp that’s been damaged by chemical processing when combined with oils.

“If the scalp is on the dry side, most of the time, you have to have a combination of the natural and some of the synthetic materials,” Syed says.

“Botanicals have been around for a long time and as the passions and styles changed, things become sort of cyclical,” says Syed.

He adds that botanical oils are gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers who have been “pushing the envelope towards natural ingredients in food, personal care, and health.”

Dana Amador, who works in business development at Amika believes hair oils serve a number of functions.

Protection from the Elements

“Not only do [oils] make your hair smell wonderful, but they also protect your hair against the elements,” Amador says. “Oils are a very natural way to not only condition the hair but to style it and make it look effortlessly perfect.”

Oils can also help to define curls without making the hair look greasy or weighing them down, adds Amador, who happens to have curly hair herself.

One of the pioneers in the recent oil boom is Moroccanoil, which introduced its signature Moroccanoil Treatment three years ago. Driven by the success of the initial products, the company has been introducing new products ever since, says Moroccanoil artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero.

The popularity was especially evident among curly stylists and the stylists who work with them. As a result, the company answered with several curl-specific products containing their argan oil. The popular line now boasts a curl defining mousse, curl control cream, and intense curl cream.

Moroccanoil infuses their argan oil with Vitamin F, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E to protect against free-radicals.

“What makes our curl line so unique is that the formulas work on dry and/or wet hair,” says Calero. “Their formulations not only make styling so much easier, but they also decrease frizz, make curls more manageable, and restore moisture back into the hair. We are all about having the hair feel soft and natural, with no sticky residue.”

Now there are a number of great oils available, including Mizani Supreme Oil, Oscar Blandi’s oil product containing Jasmine oil and Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil, said to promote healthy hair while delivering shine.

Making Waves

by Rachel Peters on Monday, November 2nd, 2009

New trends are like waves. From the newsstands and gossip blogs, trends barrel down to us, knocking us to our feet and leaving us scrambling to discover how they are created. Our clients come to us asking for the new look and we do our best, secretly thinking to ourselves, “There’s got to be a better, easier way to do this.” The trend evolves and each new style of it is more interesting and intricate than the next. We study the red carpets and buy the latest styling tools to try to catch up with the wave. And as it ebbs back, giving us time to take the class or practice the technique, we notice just ahead in the distance another wave is swelling, this one more innovative and beyond our scope than the last.

This series is dedicated to keeping you, the stylist, up to date on the latest trends and techniques. We want to make it easy to acquire, share, and critique. We’ll provide you with the tools and give the links to classes and tutorials, making it easy for you to be in the loop.

New Trend: Soft, beachy waves without the damage or commitment

ISO Nexture

Think of Nexture as a temporary perm. It adds soft, beachy waves to the hair and lasts about twenty shampoos. It infuses sodium bonds into the hair shaft, swelling it to create more bounce. Unlike traditional perms, it does not alter existing bonds in the hair nor does it rely on harsh chemicals to create a curl pattern. Nexture is recommended for clients with fine, limp hair — 1s and 2s. See’s hair types.

ISO’s texture expert, Francie Sorem, sat down with CurlStylist to talk about Nexture. Her recommendations? Wrap hair in large magnetic rollers, fasten with standard metal clips, and apply Nexture as you would any perm. Avoid using Nexture on hair that is overly processed or damaged. ISO does make a Nexture treatment for color-treated hair, but it should only be used on hair that has been lifted with high lift color, not overly bleached or processed. Sorem says Nexture is an easy service to recommend to a client wanting wavy hair without the damage or commitment. Daily heat styling with irons or rollers can cause long-term damage, and traditional thio perms wreck the hair’s integrity. Nexture gives the curl without ruining the hair. Average cost: $200

ISO Manetamer

For clients with more curl, ISO created Manetamer, a gentle straightener containing no thio. It relaxes the hair by adding protein. Just comb in the straightening solution followed by the neutralizer. It takes about 15 minutes and makes a great add-on service in the salon. Both Manetamer and Nexture can be found online or in professional beauty supply houses.

Ouidad’s Softening System

Famous for her work with curly hair, Ouidad has once again created a solution for clients looking to manage tightly wound curls without straightening or damaging hair. The softening system loosens curl patterns and re-forms curls without using chemicals. It uses about half the processing ingredients as other straightening systems and lasts about 3-4 months. Ouidad recommends using the treatment all over or as a “spot softener,” evening out a client’s curl pattern.

Mizani Creates
Natural Hair Key

by Staff on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Mizani natural hair key

Naturally curly hair comes in all forms—from tight coils to loose waves and everything in between. Mizani, one of the leading professional authorities for multi-textured hair since 1991, is unlocking the key to naturally curly hair types with the Mizani Natural Curl Key.

This easy-to-use reference guide allows professional stylists the opportunity to identify the hair type of any client and determine its key characteristics and special needs, as well as the most beneficial in-salon services and at-home haircare.

With the support of world-renowned scientists in the U.S. and France, Mizani developed this innovative guide to global hair types based on specific shape criteria and utilizing a scientific approach to measuring features of hair strands. This includes the curve diameter, curl index, number of twists and number of waves. The results that emerged from this extensive research identified eight distinct hair types worldwide.

“Mizani’s approach to education is unsurpassed in the multi-ethnic category by constantly offering advancements like this diagnostic tool to equip the professional with excellence,” says Maria Cerminara, Vice President of Marketing for Mizani USA. “The Mizani Natural Curl Key will enable our stylists to not only properly evaluate and classify their clients hair but also make informed recommendations on the best products and treatments for different hair types.”

With the classification system clearly delineated, stylists can use the hair key to determine hair’s specific needs (i.e. moisture, strengthening, smoothing) and recommend a customized regimen for treatment and haircare.

Mizani’s wide range of professional products are developed specifically to meet the unique needs of multi-textured hair, with treatment combinations appropriate for each hair type that are determined by the Hair Key. Armed with this fundamental information based on advanced technology and research, stylists now have the means to give their clients exactly what they desire: strong, healthy, manageable and beautiful hair.

The Mizani Natural Curl Key will be available to Mizani stylists nationwide this month.

Hollywood Hair Technique

by Staff on Monday, August 10th, 2009

With long hair being the norm, women have started to spice it up by wearing it differently. Instead of putting it up, many are opting to get creative and wear their long locks down for special occasions. Nathan Rosenkranz from Patrick Mcivor Color Studio is inspired by old Hollywood movie starlets and shares with us a technique for making long hair glamorous this holiday season.

“Similar to today, most old Hollywood actresses had long hair, and if you look back, you will see that their hair was styled in so many different glamorous ways. Pay homage to Hollywood glamour this holiday season and wear long hair down with soft curl, texture or finger — think Veronica Lake,” explains Rosenkranz.

Hollywood Hair Technique

  • Make a deep side part and blow-dry hair straight with a medium size round brush.
  • Set hair with medium sized Velcro rollers on the sides and back of the head. Make sure to roll the hair on top of the head into the top roller on the sides, this will reduce volume at the crown. Also take care not to clip rollers to head, let them sit off the scalp, which will also help reduce curl/volume at the base of the hair shaft.
  • Spray with Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray and let set for 10 minutes.
  • Gently remove the rollers and smooth hair with a cushion brush, make sure to keep the waves uniform and loose.
  • Spray again with Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray for long lasting hold.

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