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Premiere Orlando 2012: TIGI’s Magazine Curls

by Cassadie on Monday, June 11th, 2012

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

Over on the TIGI stage, platform artist Dominico Tomei of Fernando Cellini salon in Ottawa, was demonstrating not just how to get perfect curls, but rather how to get curls worthy of a magazine spread. Rather than focusing on perfectly formed, frizz-free ringlets Tomei created an ethereal halo that relied on intentionally separated curls for a light and airy final look.

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

Beginning with a basic shape, Tomei first formed the curls using a leave in and serum before completely drying with a diffuser. Once completely dry, Tomei used his fingers to gently pull apart individual sections. In an effort to really take the look to the next level to create what he described as “Editorial Curls,” he pinched a section at the end of the strand and used two fingers on his other hand to slide the hair towards the roots creating drama and lift. Using dry shampoo to create more volume, Tomei’s final look provided gorgeous texture with soft definition and a lot of movement.

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

“I love when a woman has the confidence to wear her natural curls,” said Tomei, “It’s actually really hard for a lot of women to do because they’ve had to hide it their whole lives.”

Make Money & Get Creative with TIGI copyright©olour

by Advertorial on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Business basics for a salon are easy: market to the right customer and then keep that customer happy with good stylists and products. Done and done. But the financial basics behind a successful salon can be fleeting.

After all, when you finally get the clients you want, you want to make sure that you keep them happy. Often, that means expensive products and low turn-around which equals no profit. Running a business isn’t easy, especially one that is as client-focused as salons. Of course, if you stay up on the trends and are smart about what you buy, what you stock, what you use and who you hire, the pay off can be big for both the client and YOU (shocker!).

Cashing in on Color

To help on the color front, TIGI is introducing its new copyright©olour, a fully intermixable collection of shades individually crafted to use alone, mix and match or layer and blend to create your own personal coloring palette. Get this: because of the limitless color options due to the intermixability, there are fewer skus to stock and more colors to offer. Insert cash register sound here.

Of course, the product doesn’t just save you space and money, it allows you and your stylists to get creative and give your clients exactly what they want. You will no longer be caged by rules and shade options, and you can now create custom shades for clients and ensure 100 percent predictable results. Think it is too good to be true? Well, with a line that allows you to mix permanent tint with demi-permanent, demi-permanent with a 40 volume activator, high lift tint with permanent tint or permanent tint with an 8.5 volume activator, the sky is the limit on where your color creations can take you and your clients.

Because we know that numbers speak volumes next to words, we asked TIGI to pull some for us after we asked what the benefits for this would be for every colorist.

• Increased consistent coverage by 2x
• Enhanced color by 26 percent
• Improved wearability by 16 percent
• Improved combability by 5x
• Improved conditioning by 21 percent
• Percent alkalinity vs. competitors: 12 percent to 32 percent

So, back to the basics, TIGI copyright©olour is a pioneering innovation for infinite color creativity. Having the ability to intermix all TIGI copyright©olour crème emulsion products has resulted in a highly compact range being created, yet still with the capacity to create limitless color creations.

Overall, you lower your stock and increase your profit while allowing your stylists to express their creativity and provide your clients a coloring experience that no other salon can match. Now that’s a business basic.

TIGI’s Richy Kandasamy’s Hair Colorspiration

by Advertorial on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

When you are born for something, it isn’t wise to fight it. And Richy Kandasamy, American Technical Director at TIGI Academy in New York, knows that better than anyone. Born in the exotic Seychelles islands, Kandasamy has a rich international background that provides a unique and experimental foundation for his distinctive and imaginative use of color and technique.

His use of color is inspired by his homeland, thus the tropics and a polyethnic culture play a huge part in his creations. Leaving the Seychelles to master color technique, Kandasamy landed in Florence, where his career flourished over eight years as he rose from the salon to the Technical Director of the first TIGI Academy in Italy.

Continuing on his success track, Kandasamy’s role evoloved with the company and led him up to the launch of TIGI Colour, where his contributions played an important role in the development and implementation of the product line throughout Europe.

In 2008, Kandasamy’s professional journey took him to the United Kingdom to focus and assist in the on-going development of the TIGI Colour line and the company’s educational programs. In his new role as TIGI® UK Technical Director, he continued to teach at the TIGI Academy in Italy and throughout Europe — implementing and presenting color technique and courses, as well as actively contributing in photo shoots, collection videos and TIGI Global Shows with Anthony Mascolo.

After being transferred to the TIGI Academy in New York, his new role as the American Technical Director allows him to continually push the boundaries of color technique and creativity.

For Kandasamy, his passion for art took him on a whirlwind ride around the world, leading him to the top of his industry.

“For me inspiration is everywhere,” Kandasamy says. “Whether it’s urban or exotic, street or haute couture — it’s how you interpret and process all those influences that turns it into art.”

Win a two night stay and 1 on 1 color lesson with Richy in NYC! Enter here!

“Busy Scissors”—A Video Game for Stylists

by CurlStylist on Monday, April 19th, 2010

Busy Scissors for the Wii and DS

Come September, you might want to be on the lookout for the release of “Busy Scissors,” a hairstyling simulation video game scheduled for release Nintendo gaming systems DSi and Wii. The game is produced by TIGI, Toni&Guy and Little Orbit, a developer of casual entertainment products.

Busy Scissors will allow players to perm, color, shampoo, cut, blow dry, and style hair with the Wii remote, using TIGI tools and haircare products to finish the looks. Players earn reputation and advance their career in a Hollywood-based salon by meeting the demands of their glamorous and eccentric clientele. The game progresses as they help unlock each client’s inner potential by finding their unique outward style. The game features more than 35 hairstyles, 30 mini-games, 6 career levels, and 4 game modes, which provide a dynamic combination of realistic gameplay, humor, and entertainment.

Manifest Oranj, the game’s developer, spent several months working with experts from the world-class Toni&Guy Academy to select real hair styles used in the game. Each salon technique was demonstrated and filmed by the team, before it was re-created in 3D and designed as a mini-game.

Busy Scissors for the Wii and DS

“This game is the culmination of a great deal of effort,” says Bruno Mascolo, owner and visionary of Toni&Guy North America. “I believe that only this unique group of partners could bring together the industry knowledge, casual gaming experience, and real world products necessary to create this unique game.”

Players can experiment with professional tools such as flat irons and curl sticks, while sculpting their client’s look with Bed Head’s famous line of shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, styling gels and more.

“TIGI and Bed Head have always been about not taking themselves too seriously, staying on the cutting edge, and having fun. Busy Scissors is just another example of our commitment to those values” says Joseph DeMartino, Bed Head Brand Manager, TIGI. “Students and stylists all across the country use our products every day to create all of the hair styles in Busy Scissors, so why shouldn’t we make those same products available in the game.”

Curls Rock Tranforms into Curlesque

by Michelle Breyer on Monday, March 1st, 2010

Tigi’s Curls Rock collection has long been a favorite among stylists who work with waves, curls and kinks.

But Tigi, never been a company to rest on its laurels, is always searching ways to improve its products. This month, the company unveils its Catwalk Curlesque collection, which improves and expands upon the successful Curls Rock line.

“We wanted to revamp the line, improving the products and taking other products that work (with texture) and adding them to the line,” says Carlos Cintron, Tigi’s creative education development director. “The things people loved about Catwalk Curls Rock are still there, but better.”

Carlos Cintron

Designed by Tigi’s international creative director Anthony Mascolo and the Tigi International Creative Team, the Curlesque Curl Collection uses advanced marine biology ingredients—a fusion of kelp, algae, cucumber water, seaweed and sea fennel—to help enhance waves, curls and kinks. This unique combination of ingredients is called the Catwalk Aquacomplex.

“With the Curlesque Collection, we are giving hairdressers the tools to create perfectly formed curls on their clients, and at the same time giving them a retail range with great fragrances, amazing packaging and effective formulas,” Mascolo says.

The Curlesque collection is a part of the company’s strategy to relaunch its entire Catwalk line into different collections. Last year, Tigi introduced the Your Highness Volume collection. Curlesque is the second new collection to launch. Each new collection is divided into three categories that coincide with TIGI Catwalk’s suggested style building system: Prep It, Work It, and Perfect It.

The Curlesque Prep It products include Defining Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner. The Work It products include Curl Amplifier, Lightweight Mousse and Strong Mousse; and Defining Serum. Tigi recommends that the new Defining Serum, its Perfect It product, be added to all of products to enhance the results.

“This new range of curl products is going to give us a complete arsenal for styling, from the tightest curl to loose natural waves,” says Heath Grout, a member of Tigi’s international creative team.

Curl Amplifier

Curl Amplifier

The curl category is especially important to Tigi because Curls Rock has been one of its most popular product lines, and more than 60 percent of the population has wavy, curly or kinky hair, Cintron says.

Too often, Cintron believes curly hair is misunderstood.

“You have to understand the type of texture it is—is it wavy, curly or kinky?” he says. “One size does not treat all. Each type must be treated differently. The right products and the right cut make all the difference.”

Cintron says the Curl Amplifier is his Holy Grail product when it comes to working with texture, and it has only gotten better with the relaunch with the addition of Tigi’s Aquacomplex.

“I can’t do without the amplifer,” he says. “It’s my No. 1 tool for working with curls because it doesn’t leave it crispy or crunchy. It joins everything together and seals the cuticle, leaving beautiful, shiny hair. It’s the same product, but better.”

Cintron provided Curlesque tips for every texture type.


Cintron recommends putting Curlesque LIghtweight (for fine to medium hair) or Strong Mousse (for medium to coarse hair) into your hand and adding in some Curlesque Defining Serum. Apply it wet hair and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Then diffuse it for extra volume and texture.


Cintron recommends using the Curlesque Leave-in Conditioner. Then, if you want to enhance the curl, he suggests using the Curl Amplifier mixed with a few drops of Defining Serum. Then diffuse it. For a looser curl, he says exclude the Amplifier from the mix.


For kinkier textures, Cintron likes to mix the Leave-in Conditioner, Ampflier and the Defining Serum. That gives the hair shine and hydration to prevent it from looking dry. It also keeps the ringlets looking soft. He suggests letting kinkier hair types dry naturally because the hair can look unruly if overdried.

The timing is ideal for the launch of Curlesque, says Cintron. Super-straight looks have been replaced by voluptuous textured looks, he says.

“People don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair,” he says. “They should enjoy their hair. They should work with their texture and have fun with it.”

Hot texture trends for the fall include longer, graduated curly bobs, longer shag shapes and long layers, with a “bit of disconnection.”

For longer hair, especially curly hair, if it’s too uniform, it can look too bushy,” he says. “I like to remove weight so it may be longer here and shorter there. It’s more appealing to the eye rather than looking round.”

No matter what the style or curl type, Curlesque provides the tools to help maximize the potential of waves, curls and kinks.

“Creatively, the new curl collection offers hairdressers endless possibilities to experiment with shape and texture to perfect hair with natural movement,” says Marco Iafrate, a member of Tigi’s international creative team. “The product range is the answer for hair with curl, from its wash and care to the styling and finishing.”

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