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Tabatha’s Salon Takeover Returns to Bravo

by CurlStylist on Monday, November 8th, 2010

tabatha coffey

Tabatha Coffey is the star of her own reality show on Bravo

“Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” returns with a brand new season on Monday, December 6 at 10 p.m. ET with the no-nonsense and smartly styled Tabatha Coffey, as she transforms the lives and businesses of salon owners across the country. In season three, Coffey hits the road and visits struggling salons in California, Massachusetts and Texas. For one week, she confiscates the keys to the establishments and takes over as boss, bringing her unapologetic, brutally honest approach to the salon owners and stylists who are in dire need of her skilled business direction.

Tabatha Coffey is qualified for the job like no other. Working since she was 14 years old, Coffey began her career in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. Since then, she has been working with the salon industry’s top dogs in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. Over the years, the edgy and energetic Coffey has sharpened her skills as a hairstylist and business owner, but she now finds her passion in educating others about the field. For ten years she has represented the company Artistic Team, traveling around the world to various hair and fashion shows, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Apart from being a hairstyling expert, she also holds a position as an editorial stylist for fashion and beauty publications. But when she isn’t rushing across the country aiding desperate salon owners, editing, or making it to fashion shows, Coffey manages her salon in New Jersey or works with clients in West Hollywood. Be on the lookout for her new memoir titled It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth about Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty. The wisdom and charisma that Coffey illustrates in the show is sure to project through her book.

This season, no task is too big for Tabatha. Whether it’s moving into a salon owner’s house for the night to stage a family intervention, tackling five slacking owners in one salon, turning around a downtrodden children’s salon with stylists who don’t like kids or even doing hair, renovating a gay salon with questionable taste, or trekking a salon’s staff to the middle of the Mohave Desert to learn to survive as a team – Tabatha gives these struggling salons the major push they need to get back on track.

The salons Coffey will makeover in the California, Massachusetts and Texas areas include:

* Mia Bella - San Bruno, CA
* Christopher Hill - Brentwood, CA
* Vendome - Houston, TX
* West End - Provincetown, MA
* Avanti - Boston, MA
* Touch of Elegance - Tewkesbury, MA
* Bqute - Palmdale, CA
* A Star Is Born - Mission Viejo, CA
* Concerto - Valencia, CA

Tune in to Bravo on December 6th to get tips for your own hair salon! For more information about the show, visit

PBA Announces NAHA Finalists

by Gretchen Heber on Friday, April 30th, 2010

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) announces the much anticipated finalists for the 2010 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA)! Winning an award at NAHA, North America’s most esteemed beauty competition, has become a true pinnacle career achievement with the help of beauty professionals and the industry as a whole. Open to the entire beauty industry, the NAHA Award Ceremony is a not-to-be-missed evening of high energy, artistic expression, and the coming together of the professional beauty association to salute rising stars and industry icons. NAHA 2010 is part of PBA Beauty Week and will take place Sunday, July 18, at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

NAHAs are given in 13 distinct categories including: Master Stylist, Hairstylist of the Year, Editorial Stylist, Student Hairstylist, Avant-Garde, Contemporary Classic, Fashion Forward, Haircolor, Salon Team, Salon Design, Texture, and Makeup Artist of the Year. 2010 marks the inaugural year for the Salon MBA award. The Salon MBA is designed to recognize savvy salon owners who have cultivated a cutting-edge salon and a highly profitable business.

NAHA also salutes two professionals who have made a significant impact and contribution to the industry. This year NAHA 2010 is proud to present its top honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, to Beth Minardi, an internationally renowned haircolor specialist, educator and salon owner. NAHA 2010 is also pleased to induct entrepreneur, environmentalist, and philanthropist, Frederic Holzberger, into the NAHA Hall of Leaders.

PBA is proud to announce a record setting number of entries for 2010. More than 700 beauty professionals (an 18 percent increase from 2009 and a 35 percent increase from 2008) spent countless hours conceptualizing and bringing to life their artistic visions. The growth and breadth of NAHA entries from established hairstylists to those just starting their career is a testament to the power of NAHA.

NAHA judging was also enhanced in 2010 and focused on a diverse group of leading international hairstylists and makeup artists from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and Switzerland. Judges included Vivienne Mackinder, Tabatha Coffey, Ruth Roche, Sally Hershberger, Mary Brunetti, Darren Bain, Bennie Tognini, Robert Lobetta, Nick Arrojo, Kendall Ong, Cary Obrien, Jamie Carroll, Gary Sunderland, Heather Wenman, Karg, Antoinette Beenders, Dean Banowetz, Nicholas French, Sam Brocato, Anthony Morrison, Mark Hayes, Sharon Blaine, Jane Wild, Eveline Charles, Leon Alexander, Jonathan Lovett, Damian Stoney, Isabelle Sabourin, Petra Strand, and several others. Via a blind entry process, entries were narrowed down to five finalists per category, and one winner in each category will be chosen.

The NAHA festivities kick off with a Red Carpet Reception at 6:30 p.m., followed by a star-studded Awards Ceremony featuring special artistic presentations, live entertainment and special guest appearances. NAHA 2010 will also pay tribute to CUT IT OUT / Salons Against Domestic Abuse, a charitable organization developed for the salon industry to help raise awareness on domestic violence and help hairstylists and their clients seek treatment.


Stylist Name

Salon Name

Avant Garde Paul and Jami Eastin
Nicholas French
Alain Pereque
Charlie Price
Chad Seale
Paris Parker Salon
Matrix C.R.A.F.T Global Academy
Salon Pure
Click Salon
Taylor Andrews
Contemporary Classic Ammon Carver
Gianpolo Colombo
Steve Elias
Alain Pereque
Chad Taylor
Hairafter Salon and Spa
Elixir Salon Spa
Salon Pure
Moods Hair Salon
Editorial Stylist Faatemah Ampey
Ammon Carver
Steve Elias
Charlie Price
Sevin Vee
Faatemah, Inc.
Elixir Salon Spa
Click Salon
Van Michael Salon
Fashion Forward Steve Elias
Shirley Gordon
Glenn Mitchell & Charlie Price
Timothy Switzer
Antoine Vadacchino
Elixir Salon Spa
Strands Hair Studios
Shine Salon
Timothy & Co. Salon
Salon Pure
Haircolor Chrystofer Benson
Sue Pemberton
Nancy Scasserra
Silas Tsang
Dimitrios Tsioumas
Salon Tantrum
Xpression the Salon
Blushes Hair and Day Spa
Mizu New York
Hairstylist of the Year Steve Elias
Shirley Gordon
Shawna Parvin
Tony Ricci
Antoine Vadacchino
Elixir Salon Spa
Strands Hair Studios
World’s Local Parvin
Ricci Hair Co.
Salon Pure
Master Hairstylist Michael Albor
Wendy and Oscar Bond
Charlie Price
Tony Ricci
Heather Wenman
The Loft Salon + Day Spa
Bond Academy
Click Salon
Ricci Hair Co.
Studio H
Salon Design Aalam The Salon
Aveda Institute Birmingham
Donato Salon + Spa
Smashcut Studio
Vasken Demirjian Salon
Student Hairstylist Rebecca Cowles
Ashley Hall
Patrick Mathes
Stacie Niemann
Josh Parkin
Aveda Fredric’s Institute
Paul Mitchell The School SB
Aveda Fredric’s Institute
Eric Fisher Academy
Taylor Andrews
Salon Team Blushes Hair Day Spa
Jackson Ruiz Salon
Salon Inpure
Salon Pure
Valentinos Grand Salon
Texture Shirley Gordon
Chad Seale
Lina Shamoun
Silas Tsang
Dimitrios Tsioumas
Strands Hair Studios
Taylor Andrews
Artline Salon
Blushes Hair and Day Salon
Mizu New York

ABS Texture! Panel a Big Success

by Gretchen Heber on Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Texture! Panel

“Texture!”—a programming event presented by, and Modern Salon Magazine—is being heralded as one of the most interesting and successful panels at this year’s American Beauty Show.

The Texture! panel featured a veritable who’s who of the curly hair industry, including Dickey of Hair Rules, Titi and Miko Branch of Miss Jessie’s, Veronique Morrison of Mizani, Ouidad, Shari Harbinger of DevaConcepts, Jonathan Torch of Curly Hair Solutions and Edwin Johnson of KMS California.

America’s Beauty Show is a large (tens of thousands in attendance) trade show for beauty industry professionals that draws stylists and manufacturers from around the world. It was held this year in Chicago March 27-29.

The panel, held Sunday, was a longtime dream of NaturallyCurly co-founders Gretchen Heber and Michelle Breyer, who long wished for the opportunity to get so many curl experts in the same room together.

Judging from the audience’s reaction, the dream was successfully fulfilled. Dozens of stylists piled into the chilly convention center room to hear these legends of the industry describe their background, talk about their philosophies and offer concrete advice.

And while not all curl experts think alike, the event was a harmonious one, with the panelists all realizing the significance of the gathering.

“This meeting is a wonderful example of the shift in our customers’ belief in their natural hair,” said Harbinger.

Other ABS Highlights

•  See our ABS blog!
•  L’Oreal launches INOA
•  Keratin treatment companies were plentiful
•  Tabatha Coffey’s quickfire stylist challenge was wildly popular
•  Kim Vo and Nick Arrojo cruised the floor of the show, pausing for photos and chats
•  Mizani’s new True Textures line made a big splash

“No two people are the same. The left side is different from the right side. You have to deal with each person differently,” said Torch, as several panelists’ heads bobbed in agreement.

More practical tips came from Titi Branch: “The consultation is so important. Typically, the curly hair client is traumatized, skeptical. You have to patiently work with her.”

“You’ll have a client for life if you do what you say you’re going to do,“ said Harbinger.

Added Jonathan Torch, “There’s a lot of common sense to working with curly hair. With certain techniques you can remove bulk. The next challenge is to remove frizz. Everybody with curly hair has frizz issues. You can have the greatest haircut but if you don’t know how to manage the frizz, it’s no good.”

At one point, Breyer, who moderated the event, asked the audience how many of them had received specific training in working with textured hair when they were in cosmetology school. Only four raised their hands.

Mizani Demostration

Mizani demostration

The panel lauded the audience members for attending the session to gain more education. “We all need to be educated so that we can all deal with all types of hair,” said Morrison. “As our culture has evolved, we’re looking at curly hair as being more accepted now. The more we know curls, the better.”

“I was self-taught. I needed to develop special techniques to cut curly hair,” Johnston said.

Torch stressed the importance of today’s experts helping the next generation of stylists, “A curly hair style is always moving, from morning to noon to night. It’s hard for a new stylist to fathom. Now that curly hair is mainstream, it’s our responsibility to teach the next generation.”

Curlyheads, too, need special training to work with their curls, said Ouidad. “Many people with curly hair have never been taught; they’ve never been guided to work with their curly hair. It’s important that you stylists educate their clients. Every human being who has curly hair is able to learn to manage their chair.”

Following the panel were demonstrations by some of the panelists, a very popular part of the programming where the stylists were invited to come up close and have a back-and-forth with the presenters.

Each audience member received an enormous bag filled with hair care products, brochures and a super-cool CurlStylist apron.

Miko Branch offered perhaps the loveliest line of the day: “Bringing beauty to natural hair is my goal,” she said.

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