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Celeb Stylist James Corbett Dishes on the Hot New Trends for Spring with Paltalk’s Diana Falzone

by CurlStylist on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Halle Berry in a pixie cut

Halle Berry in spiky pixie

Famed celebrity hairstylist James Corbett sat down with Paltalk’s own Diana Falzone to discuss what the “gotta have it” spring 2011 hairstyles are while answering user questions and tips about best products, style tips, celebrity icons and even a little Real Housewives gossip.

Highlights of the interview included:

Advice: “Look at the trends as a source of inspiration but not necessarily actualization”

Theme for spring 2011 hair: Be adventurous this season with the new “pixie cut”

Celebrity style inspiration: Halle Berry

Product tip: Pomade over mousse

Celeb throwback: It used to be “The Rachel” but now Jennifer Aniston’s “Reincarnated Bob” is the hot talk of the town

Color tip for 2011: “Going Blonde” got big again but it’s not right for everyone as Corbett points out for some of the “The Real Housewives of Orange County” cast members

Bridal tip: Paul Mitchell Soft Spray gets a shout out as one of the best products for the perfect balance between hold and flexibility on the big day

Watch the interview!

Schedulicity Makes Online Booking Easy

by Megan Dorcey on Monday, March 21st, 2011

We meet companies on a regular basis, but not many compare to the folks at Schedulicity and their mission to build your business.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with the folks at Schedulicity at ABS Chicago this year, and learned more about the online booking company.

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, Schedulicity has the promise of any small company with a big idea.  With board members from Netflix and Google, they have knowledge and expertise to back up their ideas, and the statistics to help stylists use social media to their benefit.

Schedulicity lives on your Facebook page, and a widget on your salon’s website makes it ultra-convenient for new and existing clients to schedule their service when it’s most convenient for them.  With more than 50% of most services being booked between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 a.m., you can benefit from Schedulicity doing the legwork for you and ensuring that appointments will be waiting for you in the morning.  They also make it convenient for you to confirm appointments from your phone, iPad or computer.

With Groupon and Living Social (among many other daily discount sites) saturating the market, it’s harder for stylists and beauty professionals to keep lifetime clients.  This is why it is so refreshing that Schedulicity’s main goal is to keep your clients happy without your having to discount your services.  We can’t wait to watch this company grow as more stylists learn about the tools that are available to them!

Get Acquainted With Texture At ABS Chicago

by Megan Dorcey on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

America's Beauty Show

America’s Beauty Show is almost here.

America’s Beauty Show

America’s Beauty Show will play host to the NaturallyCurly, CurlStylist & Modern Salon Texture! panel for the second year in a row, which will showcase the most influential curl experts in the world.  We won’t lie—we almost can’t contain ourselves.

The high-power panel will include brands such as Hair Rules, Ouidad, Deva, Mizani and GK Hair.  This group of experts will also be hosting a demo where they style curls for you to see.  American Crew will also join the demo, showing us all how to care for our curly male clients’ curls.

This panel is comprised of the hottest names in curls, who will be speaking about how to make your business profitable in the curly niche market, the evolution of keratin treatments and smoothing systems and the latest cutting and styling techniques—just to name a few.  The panelists will also be available to answer any questions you may have about your own curly business.

Make sure to check out the Texture! panel at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago on Sunday, March 14, at 1:00 p.m.

American Crew Answers Our Curly Man Product Wishes

by Megan Dorcey on Monday, February 21st, 2011

We admit that here at, we get a little psyched when we hear about some of our favorite salon brands coming out with more diverse curl-specific lines.  Needless to say, when we caught wind that American Crew has produced a curly man line, we went nuts.  Maybe it has something to do with spring in the air around our offices, or the gorgeous curly guy on the cover of this season’s “Texture!”, but we are a little curly-boy-crazy these days.

American Crew has designed a 3-part line for their curly men including Boost Powder, Boosting Cream, and Curl Construct, specially designed to help our curly men celebrate their natural texture.  We (much to our disappointment) don’t have any curly men working here, so we had to branch out to two of our favorite curl-loving male stylists.  Who better to give us a little perspective on this new line, than the most important men in our lives: our stylists!M

We know that men gravitate towards any cheap gel that they can get their hands on, so we asked Ron Valdez, Redken educator and owner of Estilo Valdez in Austin why he would recommend these products to his clients. “The one thing I love about all three is that because they are all low to no shine, they will have a great appeal to men.  Our male clients prefer that their hair not look ’styled’, as you know most styles for men, especially young men, look more relaxed.”  We couldn’t agree more, with the Boosting Powder adding a little to damp hair brings out a full, loose appearance on curls.

Michael Victor, co-owner of Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials in Toronto, offered his own spin on the Boost Cream, “I know it says to use on wet or dry hair but for me I liked to apply it on damp hair.  I found I was able to control the distribution of the product better. The curls formed well, and the second day it was also easy to re-work. I found it too strong when I applied it to dry hair, but it was good for spotting on the sides and front to create a different look. I would say use with care and not too much, as it goes a long way.”

Ron King of the new Ron King Salon in The Four Seasons Austin has also been experimenting with the three products, stating that the Curl Construct was his favorite for curly clients with finer hair who wanted more of a boost.  He also cautioned us that a curly man who didn’t want too much volume should use the Boosting Powder with caution.

We’re so excited to find this line on our local professionals’ shelves, to share with the curly men in our lives!

My New Love: CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

by Megan Dorcey on Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Megan before

Megan in all her natural curly glory

Throughout the past year, we have all had mixed emotions about the various keratin treatments available to us.  I, like any good researcher, went and had a keratin treatment last year.  Like a lot of people, I was happy with the results, but the process left me with irritated eyes, and a lot of questions.

In response to concerns over the safety of traditional aldehyde-containing straightening treatments,  CHI has introduced the revolutionary Enviro Smoothing Treatment that is completely formaldehyde-free and safe to your clients as well as yourself. The CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment (CurlStylist has dubbed it the CHI EAST) is composed of amino acids, pearl and silk.  No harmful chemicals means you have a clear conscious when that client asks for the treatment.

I didn’t understand how the treatment could actually make the hair straighter and smoother without chemicals, but CHI Enviro’s protein and amino acid complex allows temporary change in the structure of hair fibers, leaving hair easier to comb and hair that is silkier, smoother and shinier, so its protein and amino acid complex is what allows the system to straighten the hair.

Megan after

Megan after her CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

I had the treatment done last weekend and I will have to say that the process is fairly similar to other treatments I’ve had; many steps of washing, drying, flat-ironing.  A few things that were drastically different: no smell, well, actually, there was a smell, and it was vanilla, not the eye-watering chemicals of other systems.  When Rafael (my own personal CHI Educator) was flat-ironing the treatment onto my hair, there was literally only steam coming off of it, and it didn’t make my eyes water, or make my throat close up.  I actually didn’t notice until halfway through the process.

All in all, I was one happy camper.  Many of us felt like we were lied to by various companies in the past, and we were more than skeptical with this new treatment.  We can’t wait until this safe (physically and environmentally) treatment is offered in all of the salons instead of the harmful keratin processes.  You’ve made believers in us, CHI.

Check out the continuing education opportunities with CHI here.

Salute to Stylists Contest Reveals Boom in Curl-Friendly Stylists and Salons

by Michelle Breyer on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Recently, launched its two-month long Salute To Stylists contest, asking for your vote for your favorite stylist. Here are your picks for winning stylists!

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Sandy Marino of Santo Salon & Spa in Pepper Pike, OH!

Regional Winners:
Region 1 (WA, OR, ID, MT, WY):
Tracy of 7 Salon, Bellevue, WA - 2 reviews

Region 2 (CA, NV, AZ, UT, CO):
Melanie Brown of Curls Gone Wild, Gilbert, AZ - 96 reviews

Region 3 (ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, KY, IN):
Natalie of Natalie Clark Studio, St. Louis, MO - 5 reviews

Region 4 (NM, TX, OK, AR, LA):
Anna Craig of Trashy Roots Salon & Spa, Round Rock, TX - 102 reviews

Region 5 (TN, MS, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC):
Stacy Hill of DyeVerCity Salon, Augusta, GA - 127 reviews

Region 6 (MI, OH, WV, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ):
Sandy Marino of Santo Salon & Spa, Pepper Pike, OH - 155 reviews

Region 7 (NY, CT, RI, MD, ME, NH, VT):
Julie Washington of The Estuary Salon & Day Spa, South Portland, Maine - 25 reviews

Region 8 (Ontario, Canada):
Nadine Bastien of Aphrodite’s Sanctuary, Toronto, Ontario - 4 reviews

The number of reviews were calculated from 12/15/10 to 2/15/11

Vicki Vela-Cambruzzi

Business is booming for Vicki Vela-Cambruzzi at Curls On Top in Laguna Beach

If anybody had told veteran stylist Vickie Vela-Cambruzzi five years ago she would be opening a salon dedicated to curlies, she would have told them “Get out of town!”

That was before Vela-Cambruzzi, a curly herself, saw the light. Or in her case, experienced the magic of a Deva cut, a cut at the hands of “Curly Girl” author Lorraine Massey at a hair show. The cut was her best ever—changing her whole perception of her curls—and she saved her money to go to a DevaConcepts Curlaboration to learn the dry-cutting technique herself. Less than a year later, she opened Curls On Top Salon in Laguna Beach, a salon focused on the needs of curlies. Business is booming at the 1-year-old salon, where curlies travel from outside California to get a Deva cut. “It’s been incredible,” says Vela-Cambruzzi.

Many curlies grew up at a time when few stylists knew how to work with curls, and most now have numerous war stories to tell about the bad haircuts and the botched chemical services they received. When launched 13 years ago, a handful of stylists and salons focused on the needs of women with wavy, curly and kinky hair. Most stylists once viewed curls as something to “fix” by straightening it or shearing it short.

Vela-Cambruzzi is part of the growing legion of stylists who have made curls their focus to help girls—and guys—with curls love their natural texture. This trend has been fueled by rising demand from women who want to work with their natural texture as well as the increased availability of curl training, thanks to curl specialists like DevaConcepts and Ouidad.

During the two-month Salute to the Stylists contest, which wrapped up yesterday, more than 315 new salons were added, promoting the skills of stylists around the United States and Canada.

ISSE Draws a Crowd to Long Beach

by Michelle Breyer on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Celebrity stylist Michael O'Rourke

Celeb stylist Michael O’Rourke

texture on display

Long Beach was the place to be the last weekend of January, as more than 40,000 beauty professionals packed the convention center at the International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach.

ISSE Long Beach 2011 featured such industry leaders as Karg + Blackwell, Kim Vō, Martin Parsons, Nick Arrojo, Joico, Clairol Professional, Repêchage, RUSK, TIGI, OPI, and Creative Nail Design, along with many other leading beauty manufacturers and cutting-edge “indie” brands.

Color and texture dominated the show. Brands such as Rusk, Clairol Professional and Wella showed off new color technologies, while keratin companies were prevalent on the show floor.

In addition to smoothing technologies, big texture was celebrated. Companies such as Farouk Systems and Tigi displayed techniques to create and define texture.

Products containing natural oils such as argan and macadamia continue to be a hot commodity at the show, with giants like Morrocan Oil as well as newer brands like One’n Only and Earthly Body Products.

The International Salon & Spa expo is the largest cash-and-carry professional beauty event on the West Coast.

Win A Trip To Fashion Week!

by Megan Dorcey on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011



How many times have you fantasized about making sure those glamazons are in tip-top shape before hitting that glorious NYC runway on the holiest of all weeks? That’s right—I am talking about NYC Fall Fashion Week, people!  This is your time to shine.  Ouidad is giving one lucky winner the trip of a lifetime.  One winner will be selected to do styling backstage with Ouidad, the Queen of Curls, at Fashion Week, including a trip to NYC and 2 nights hotel stay from February 12th-14th.  Fashion show is Sunday, February 13th—styling prep with Ouidad and team to create runway curls starts at 5:00 PM.  Make sure to read all of the rules—good luck! Make sure to visit for all the details.


NAME OF CONTEST: Backstage with Ouidad at Fashion Week

SPONSOR: This Contest is sponsored by Ouidad - 41B Eagle Road Danbury, CT 06810

SUBMISSION PERIOD: The Contest begins on or about 12:00 PM on January 31, 2011 (ET) and ends at 11:30 PM (ET) on February 6, 2011.

HOW TO ENTER: Go to and complete the entry form including two sentences about why you are passionate about curls.

AGE AND OTHER ELIGIBILITY: Contest is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, 18 years or older, at the time of entry. Entrant must be a licensed hairstylist for at least 2 years as of  January 1, 2011.

There is no purchase necessary to enter or win and a purchase will not increase your odds of winning.

Make sure to share your two sentences on the Ouidad Facebook page also!

Are You a Curl Expert? Have Your Clients Tell Us About You, and You Could Win!

by CurlStylist on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


Ready to capitalize on all of those reviews you’ve been begging for from your loyal curly clients?  NaturallyCurly is launching a Salute To Stylists program to begin on December 15 and run until February 15, and one lucky stylist will win the Grand Prize trip to New York for a 3-Day Deva Curlaboration—a prestigious training course from the famed DevaConcepts salon in Manhattan and will be declared the 2011 NaturallyCurly National Curl Expert. In addition, the grand prize winner will also receive one year of free advertising on NaturallyCurly and a one year subscription to Modern Salon.

It’s easy; curly clients will have two months to add rave reviews, which will then be totaled.  In addition to the grand prize winner, a stylist from each of seven U.S. (And one from Ontario, Canada) geographical areas will be declared a 2011 NaturallyCurly Regional Curl Expert and will receive three months of free advertising on NaturallyCurly, a one year subscription to Modern Salon, as well as collateral materials to proclaim themselves a Curl Expert—a definite way to get more curly business! Also, one of the clients who entered a review will win a cut and style from the winning regional stylist, courtesy of NaturallyCurly.

Spread the word now—you have limited time to rack up those reviews!  Need help?  Email us for “Review Me” cards!

Also check our assets download page to get goodies to help you get more reviews!

Our Seven Regions

One stylist from each of these U.S. regions will be declared a NaturallyCurly Regional Curl Expert.

Salute to Stylists

Your Best Advertisement: YOU

by Susonnah Gonzalez on Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Tell everyone you know and meet that you are a hairdresser; don’t be shy. Talk yourself up a little. You are your best advertisement so look and act the part.

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