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Losing a Salon Client to a Co-worker

by CurlStylist on Friday, October 21st, 2011

Every hair dresser probably knows how awful it feels to lose their client to a co-worker. The agony in wondering what you did wrong can greatly affect your self-confidence, and you may even start to doubt yourself when styling a loyal client’s hair who has no intention of leaving you for someone else in your salon.

“What is she doing that I didn’t do?” is a question you may be asking yourself. But don’t worry, this situation does happen, and even though it may seem like an embarrassment to you, you can learn from the situation and turn it into a good experience.

Find Out Why

First off, you want to know what happened, right? Why did she choose my co-worker over me? There may be a few different answers to that question. You can start off by talking to your co-worker to discover why she chose to go to her instead of you. Does your co-worker style hair differently? Maybe her cuts are more modern. Maybe she specializes in curly or wavy hair. Maybe she can straighten out curly hair with an excellent blowout.

Any of these differences may be very important to your client’s needs. Every staff member is valuable to the salon for their different talents, and that’s a good thing! You want the salon you work for to be diverse to accommodate the needs of each individual.

If your client chooses another stylist at your salon because of her specific needs, something you may not specialize in, don’t fret. You have your own talents. Use them, market them and always make sure each client has a great experience, even if that means sending them off to a stylist that is better suited for them.

Be Professional

Addressing the client herself is not a good idea in this particular situation. She is still a loyal customer of the salon and that is important. Your number one priority as an employee is to make sure your salon doesn’t lose business. If you address the client personally, she may feel embarrassed and stop going to the salon altogether. Trust me, you do not want this to happen.

This will only cause problems with you and your boss and with your co-worker, and no one likes to work in a hostile environment. Tension between co-workers affects everyone in the salon, from clients to the staff, and that’s bad for business.

When addressing you co-worker about the situation, be sure to do so in a private setting, keep calm and be professional. Have an open mind. After all, it may not even be your fault. If you co-worker is professional, she will never make you feel bad about the situation.

Shrug it off

Don’t worry so much! Everybody is different, and different people like different things. Maybe you can learn something from this. If a co-worker has a great technique for curly hair, you can always ask her for pointers. Don’t ever think you already know everything; none of us do! All of us could use a little room for improvement.

Losing a client to a co-worker isn’t a big deal if it only happens once or twice. It’s when it keeps happening to you that there is a major problem. If that’s the case, do what you have to do to fix the problem, and fix it fast, because ultimately you are the one who will lose.

Salon Spotlight: Madusalon, San Francisco

by Megan Dorcey on Monday, June 27th, 2011

Medusalon in San Francisco

I had the pleasure of being invited to Naturals Night Out in San Francisco last month, hosted by Natural Selection Blogger Cassadie Blackwell and Madusalon. I had heard rave reviews on our Salon Finder pages and was anxious to visit the renowned curly salon.

Immediately upon arrival I was more than impressed not only by the diverse amount of curls that the stylists themselves were rocking (not to mention blue locs), but also by the energetic vibe that even passersby were noticing.

Owner Marie Cesar rightfully takes credit for the success of this curl haven in the bustling Bay Area. We had the chance to get behind the scenes and ask her a few questions about the successful salon.

Q: Tell me a little bit about how you got started as a stylist, and how natural hair became your focus.

A: I was born in Petion Ville, Haiti, and settled in the Bay Area. I have been a stylist for 22 years. As a black woman, I think we are beautiful and shouldn’t have to alter our looks to conform to what society expects of us. I can find beauty in everyone and wanted a salon that reflected that. I am completely against the idea that we have to chemically straighten our hair in order for us to feel beautiful.

In 1994, when I was pregnant, after several years of wearing braids, I decided to wear my hair natural. When I was was working as a stylist in a salon on Haight Street, I was fortunate enough to run into Lisa Bonet of “The Cobsy Show,” and she reinforced my decision because she no longer had her long, beautiful locks. Instead, she had chin-length curls. I remarked to her that her hair was beautiful both as locks and as curls and wanted to know what she did to maintain them. She told me “to be patient, because our hair is fragile. Don’t tug on it and don’t be discouraged. And don’t go and straighten it.”

Over the years I have worked with a number natural haircare products and have become a advocate of natural curly, kinky, wavy and all kinds of hair. I love all kinds of hair! As I believe you should care about what you put in your body, and that includes your hair as it is part of your body. We check the product lines carefully for their ingredients—much the same way you would look at the labels on your food. If you pollute your hair, you pollute your body. I have tried many haircare lines in my industry, eventually settling on DevaCurl, Jessicurl, Miss Jessie’s and Eufora.

Q: How long has Madusalon been in the Bay Area? What inspired the name of the salon?

A: We have been in business for nine years. When we were setting up Madusalon, my husband, Russ, and I, were three weeks away from opening and we still hadn’t decided on a name. He liked the name Medusa but I felt that it was too cliché and suggested we keep looking. I thought about naming the salon after the Haitian Deity Eruzlie, when my phone rang and it was my aunt calling me from Haiti and after our conversation she called me by her nickname for me, Madudunne, a term of affection meaning “my love, my sweet, my heart.” And from that came “Madusalon.” It reflects the love of my hair, the fierceness of style and “my do”—representing hair as an personal expression.

Q: Your salon boasts diversity with hair types. Is it hard to find stylists to be part of your team who know how to work with all textures?

A: I don’t think so in my case because I take the time to train them. Almost every stylist is my salon has been my assistant until they are ready to go to the floor.

Schedulicity Transforms Online Scheduling for Salons

by Megan Dorcey on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Schedulicity Transforms Online Scheduling for Salons

Remember the days of complicated software and useless customer service when it came to online scheduling? For some of us in the beauty industry, that might not be so long ago. We had heard of Schedulicity last year through the grapevine of a few stylists who use the service to fill their chairs, and were instantly curious about this company who boasts no-fuss solutions to building your business.

We had the pleasure of hopping in a limo with part of the Schedulicity team at ABS Chicago this year (it’s not as strange as it sounds), and learning more about the growing company and their recipe for success. The main goal of the 2 year-old company is to help you make money.

We were instantly curious about how this service works in a real salon for real stylists, and reached out to curl expert Jennifer Cortez, owner of Hive Salon in Minneapolis. See what Jen has to say about the service below and sign up for a no-strings-attached free trial with the company. Our gift to you: we will award a free year to one lucky curl stylist each month!

CS: What made you decide to use Schedulicity for your online scheduling?

JC: In my experience as a chair renter a receptionist can often be more of a hindrance than a person who runs a salon smoothly; when you have numerous rental stylists who all charge separate rates, offer different services, have different schedules, booking times, etcetera, it can be very hard for a receptionist to keep all of that information straight and do their job to their best ability. Schedulicity allows our salon and it’s stylists to clearly define who does what, and when, and for how much.

Other key points that helped us decide to go receptionist free with Schedulicity was the ease of use and cost. We’re living “on the internet” these days and everyone from ages four to ninety-four seems to have a smart phone attached to his or her left hand and is used to an insane amount of information at their fingertips.

With Schedulicity, our clients no longer feel like they have to “bother” a receptionist with multiple appointment time requests, play phone-tag while their at the office, or wake up in a cold sweat because they forgot to pre-book a major appointment and we’re closed. All they have to do is go online and bam! Crisis averted. The cost of Schedulicty is so affordable; instead of paying several hundred dollars a week in reception wages, we pay a flat fee for the use of the system.

When we’re with clients, we just let the phone go to voicemail. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the caller doesn’t leave a message and will book their appointment online. It saves us the stress of having to juggle clients and answering the phone, and the clients appreciate our undivided attention when they’re in our chairs.

When a stylist is out sick, they have the access to their client’s info and are able to reschedule them without having to come into work. The pros of using Schedulicity are huge! It’s really a refreshing change to the traditional salon atmosphere.

NC: Has the system increased bookings?

JC: Absolutely. People love that they can access us 24/7, and clients that we would normally see infrequently due to issues with making appointments are making multiple appointments at once!

NC: What is your user experience with Schedulicity? Tell me a little about the customer service, if there have been any glitches and how they were solved, etc.

JC: We’ve had only one glitch, and it was resolved via email within 24 hours–on a Saturday! There used to be an option on our page where instead of picking a stylist or price preference, you could allow the software to direct you to the first available stylist, but all new clients were being directed to only one of our stylists. We messaged Schedulicty, and they resolved the issue by removing the “I have no preference, please choose a provider for me” option. They have been super helpful with all of our small questions, and have always responded within 24 hours regardless of when we message them.

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