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Trendy Curly Updos for Weddings & Proms

by Alicia Ward on Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Wedding and prom season are here! We’ve got the run down on the last curly hairstyle trends for formal events this year. Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa, show us how to achieve two trendy looks for this formal event season. Craig, Pravana Artistic Educator and DevaCurl Specialist, with over nine years of experience loves updos and shows us how to achieve these looks at home with ease.

Curly Updos
Curly Updos

Updos for Wavies (Type 2) and Curlies (Type 3)

Step 1: Start by diffusing and applying gel. Apply gel first then diffuse till dry completely dry.

Step 2: Start on the bottom half of the hair and pull curl by curl and pin to the side—right behind the ear (slightly to the side).

Step 3: Twist some pieces, while alternating side, keep the hair loose and kind of messy. It shouldn’t be perfect.

Step 4: Part to the side: Then start twisting the top—alternate side to side—keep it loose do not pull on the curl. Pin, alternating side to side.

Step 5: Leave a few pieces in front (only if the client has shorter bang pieces/framing).

Step 6: Complete the look with aerosol hair spray.

Curly Updos
Curly Updos

Updos for Kinkies (Type 4)

Step 1: Take small sections and French braid them around the head.

Step 2: Angle the pattern toward one side to give it more style.

Step 3: Pin the ends into the braids. It’s a very simple style.

Step 4: Can add flowers or a clip to accentuate the look.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

by Alicia Ward on Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

This year’s prom hairstyles are all about natural, messy and casual looks. Perfectly placed updos have been replaced by long waves, curls and kinks pinned back, braids, twists, romantic, soft updos and messy buns.

Low Curly Ponytail

This look is great for prom because it keeps your hair out of your face during dinner and dancing, but still looks amazing in pics!

Tip: Use a frizz fighting gel to seal your locks so they stay defined and frizz free all night. Another tip is to use clear rubber bands so your look is more elegant.

Side Curly/wavy Ponytail

This is a flirty and fun look—another great look for prom. Easy to achieve and great for dancing. Just grab your curls or wavy pull the hair into a low side pony and put your rubber band on.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

Tip: To make this look even more elegant or fancy, grab a few strands out of the ponytail and wrap it around your rubber band. This hides the rubber band and gives you a sophisticated look.

Messy is trendy. These prom hairstyles are incredibly stylish, yet aren’t sprayed in place, which is exactly why we went curl happy over them!

The New Updo

by The Style King/Ron King on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

ron king

Ron King has worked as a hairstylist, transforming people’s appearances, for more than 20 years. With a growing celebrity clientele, King travels the world taking inspiration from different cultures and countries. Along the way, he has developed his own “easy wear” style philosophy which plays up a woman’s natural hair texture and pairs it with natural-looking makeup that’s easy to apply. This mantra led him to launch a signature line of cosmetics for women who want to look pulled together but who are are short on time. King has worked with some of the most respected names in the industry, including L’Oreal Professional, Ted Gibson, Eva Scrivo and Rick Wellman.

With prom, wedding, and graduation season currently in full force, your clients probably have been asking for modern updos. They key to creating a contemporary hairstyle for a special occasion is to keep it on the less structural side, maybe even a bit messy. Gone are the days when romantic hair meant having long, flowing waves. The new sensual styles of 2010 have a more urban spin on feminine hairstyles, with purposely roughed up texture on traditionally soft styles.

Alexandra Wang

Beautiful updos ruled the runways and two stood out to me as being both accessible and flattering for a range of ages and hair types. Messy side braids have made a return though the look is more glam than girly. This hair trend has been spotted on the runway at both Alexander Wang and Miu Miu and is absolutely doable for a special occasion. If your client’s hair is too short, you can even easily add extensions to create the braid as length is imperative for this style. Both fishtail and french braids are in style for the season but keep the style a little tousled for the romantic effect and make sure to start the braid at the neck rather than at the head. I could definitely see this look being ideal for a casual summer wedding if done right.

Miu Miu

Another styling option, which would be great for a girl attending her prom, is the messy ballerina bun as seen at Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2010 show (headband optional). Again, the idea is to rough up a traditional and stuffy hairstyle and infuse it with a certain subtle playfulness and movement, which keeps the style from being too child-like.

An offshoot of the ballerina bun is the top knot, which has been seen on hipsters the world over for a while now. This can be a casual look but also works great for more adventurous girls with a tougher personal style for prom or other festive occasions. Again, the perfection of these styles can be found in their imperfections, so the more texture the better. Also, where you position the updo is important as well. The top knot looks very current when it is directly on the top of the head. Dressier top knots and buns placed in a similar fashion were seen at a recent Lanvin show.

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