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Premiere Orlando 2012 Trend Watch: Multi-Textured Hair

by Cassadie on Monday, June 11th, 2012

Multi Texture at Premiere Orlando

Inspired by 1950’s Hollywood glamour, multi-textured hair showed prominently on the Premiere Orlando show floor. Rather than creating evenly distributed texture throughout the look, the multi-textured hair we were seeing combined sleek and straight roots that flow into a burst of curls, coils and waves! The best part of this look is that it can be created on any hair textured, whether curly, wavy or straight. Ouidad Creative Director Morgan Willhite explains how to get the this sexy and fun vintage look with a modern twist

For Naturally Textured Hair

Start with very wet hair. Apply Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel thoroughly from roots to ends. Using a fine tooth comb, section in your desired part and begin combing hair in a downward motion smoothing your hair flat till you reaching top of your ears (the halfway point between the top of your head and the nape of your neck).

Using a metal duckbill clip (or any flat length clip) placing clips one after another, securing hair flat from ear to ear. With the top secured smooth, allow to dry natural or use a dryer on low pressure to ensure the hair dries sleek and straight.

On the remainder the hair (from ears down), again rake Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel throughout the curls adding definition. Using a diffuser, dry the bottom curls on high heat, high pressure.

Lifting the diffuser to the scalp, dry curls until completely dry to achieve full, tousled, voluminous curls. Do not diffuse for perfection. The vision of this style is more of a unkept bed head look. Skip the bang if the hair is naturally curly.

Multi Texture at Premiere Orlando

For Naturally Straight Hair

Start with dry hair. For the top area, use a smoothing serum, try Ouidad’s Shine Serum. Using a drop of serum, smooth hair with a fine tooth comb ensuring all those little flyaway are tamed. Also if you have them, bangs are great touch to add a little extra edge to the style.

Again, secure using duckbill clips from ear to ear ensuring to top stays smooth. The bottom area can either be set with rollers or set with a curling iron.

The key for this look is to avoid perfected curls. Break up the curls using a fine tooth comb by teasing with a setting aerosol hairspray. Go throughout the curls and strategically tease the curls adding uneven texture.

Multi Texture at Premiere Orlando

Premiere Orlando 2012: TIGI’s Magazine Curls

by Cassadie on Monday, June 11th, 2012

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

Over on the TIGI stage, platform artist Dominico Tomei of Fernando Cellini salon in Ottawa, was demonstrating not just how to get perfect curls, but rather how to get curls worthy of a magazine spread. Rather than focusing on perfectly formed, frizz-free ringlets Tomei created an ethereal halo that relied on intentionally separated curls for a light and airy final look.

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

Beginning with a basic shape, Tomei first formed the curls using a leave in and serum before completely drying with a diffuser. Once completely dry, Tomei used his fingers to gently pull apart individual sections. In an effort to really take the look to the next level to create what he described as “Editorial Curls,” he pinched a section at the end of the strand and used two fingers on his other hand to slide the hair towards the roots creating drama and lift. Using dry shampoo to create more volume, Tomei’s final look provided gorgeous texture with soft definition and a lot of movement.

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

“I love when a woman has the confidence to wear her natural curls,” said Tomei, “It’s actually really hard for a lot of women to do because they’ve had to hide it their whole lives.”

Premiere Orlando 2012: Two Days of Beauty Goodness

by Cassadie on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

We’re just getting back from this years Premiere Orlando Beauty Show in Florida where we spent two action packed days scouring the floor for the latest trends in beauty and hair. For us, Premiere Orlando is always THE place for connecting with brands and stylists who deliver the freshest and most on-trend styles and products. Here’s a quick round up of some of our favorite styles and products we saw this year. Stay tuned for more in-depth how to’s from the artists themselves!

A CHI stylist with a bold red bob

A CHI stylist with a bold red bob attaches a thick blonde braid for added intrigue and texture to an updo.

Agave smoothing product by Bio Ionics

Smoothing treatments still reign supreme. Here, a stylist demonstrates a just-released, all-natural smoothing product called Agave by Bio Ionics

Porcupine quill hair style

A Matrix platform artist puts the finished look on a structured, avant-gard style by adding porcupine quills

Ouidad stylists show off their brand's signature, perfected curls

Ouidad stylists show off their brand’s signature, perfected curls

A rainbow of saturated hues on the Paul Mitchell stage

A rainbow of saturated hues on the Paul Mitchell stage

TIGI's Dominico Tomei

TIGI’s Dominico Tomei demonstrates how to get curls worthy of an editorial spread

The Air Wave, a system that plugs rollers in to dry from the inside out

Perm’s are back! Takara Belmont’s model demonstrates the latest in perming technology: The Air Wave, a system that plugs rollers in to dry from the inside out.

Design Essentials Master Educators Celeste Harris and Candace Walls

Design Essentials Master Educators Celeste Harris and Candace Walls discuss the new Strengthening Therapy System

Tangle Teezers

Tangle Teezers, one of the curly world’s most divisive detanglers, showing off new professional models in a rainbow of hues

Wavy hairstyle at Alfaparf Milano

Big undulating waves are de rigeur at Alfaparf Milano

Aveda’s Steampunk Show-Stealer at Premiere Orlando

by Cassadie on Monday, June 6th, 2011

premiere orlando

“Gangs of Aveda” stage

Amidst all of the big stage presentations by the major brands on the Premiere Orlando floor, Aveda stood out from all the others in terms of overall concept and style. Located between bright, colorful jumbotrons from neighboring stages, Aveda’s steampunk-inspired set-up called “Gangs of Aveda” featured gas lamps, a trompe de l’oeil victorian cityscape, and raw wood features to create an effect that was both minimalist and opulent at the same time.

This juxtaposition of two contradictory elements was the crux of the overall creative concept for Aveda’s 2011 Premiere Orlando presentation. “Steampunk” is defined as a style (represented in fashion, art, and literature) that combines elements of the industrial revolution, victorian era and futuristic sensibilities. It is romantic, yet modern; delicate, yet edgy. Aveda’s cohesive Steampunk theme put forth an innovative and truly unique aesthetic that was much deserved of all the buzz it received.

From concept to execution:
creating Steampunk hair

premiere orlando

“Aveda’s Steampunk models”

The underground Steampunk culture has been around for the past two decades and Aveda was faced with the challenge of creating its own unique vision of Steampunk hair. Hannah Cannon of the Aveda stylist concept team responsible for creating the show’s looks explained that their goal was to create a look that was both sleek and smooth but retained a lot of volume. The result: high-drama, multi-textured coifs that lent themselves perfectly to the overall show concept.

premiere orlando

Stylists straightened this natural head of curls and used bobby pins to crimp sections midway down the shaft. Hair was teased and then volumized for the final look

To create the styles that relied on the fusion of both straight and curly textures, Aveda stylists crimped and teased models’ hair into geometric shapes using styling aids with a lot of hold and finished them with smoothing serums to give them a high gloss and sleek finish.

It was refreshing to see Aveda, a 30 year old company known for its quality and wholesome products, push the envelope and show us an innovative, fresh and forward thinking presentation.

premiere orlando

To create this look, stylists braided hair then teased out using volumizing product and finished with a serum

premiere orlando

“Aveda’s Steampunk models”

Premiere Orlando Trend Watch: Deconstructed Curls

by Cassadie on Monday, June 6th, 2011

Deconstructed curls from Matrix

Deconstructed Curls from Matrix

Deconstructed curls from Matrix

Deconstructed Curls from Matrix

“Curls are cute,” explained the professional stylist on the Matrix stage “but the new look is big, dramatic hair!” The model to his right, he went on to explain had her curls styled using a styling gel from their new Total Results Curl line launching July 15th, which left her curls super defined and shiny. But to get the the high-impact look he desired, he pulled apart the curls, lifting at the roots and teasing her hair into a large and dramatic style.

The Deconstructed Curl was everywhere on the floor of Premiere Orlando and was often used as a foundation for other styles. On the TIGI stage, a stylist applied tiny-coiled extensions to her model and then used her fingers to pull each and every one of the coils apart. Avlon, the makers of Kera Care, had models with deconstructed curls swept into ponytails. Scruples models wore their curls big, loose, and dramatic.

Deconstructed curls from TIGI

TIGI uses curly extensions as the base of their Deconstructed Curl look. The result is huge hair with drama and volume

In a community that is focused on the definition of curls and fighting frizz, the Deconstructed Curl offers reprieve and brings a new, edgier option for styling. Instead of seeking the perfect curl, aim to create shape, volume, and drama.

Get Deconstructed Curls at Home

  • Wash and condition hair as usual
  • Use a gel to style the curls while wet. The goal here is to define the curls
  • Let the curls dry
  • Once dry, separate the curls gently with fingers from tip to root
  • Flip head upside down and shake for more volume and finish with a shine serum

Voila! Deconstructed Curls!

Once you have the big loose hair, try some fun styling options such as slicking the front back and wearing a big pony tail or use bobby pins to create a bouffant in the front.

Deconstructed curls from Scruples

Scruples model

Deconstructed curls from KeraCare

KeraCare model

Deconstructed curls from Mizani

Mizani pairs deconstructed curls with a sleek bouffant

Move Over Mickey: Premiere Orlando is Coming to Town!

by Cassadie on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This weekend, beauty professionals from all over the world will be taking over the land-o-Disney for Premiere Orlando, the largest beauty industry event of the year! I’ll be on the ground chatting with vendors, snapping pictures, and interviewing stylists to bring YOU, yes you, you NaturallyCurly-ites, the latest, greatest, and hottest from the show!

Out of the the hundreds upon hundreds of vendors and education programs here are a few things that I’m really excited to check out:

Curly Hair Tips/Tricks/Products/Styles: A no-brainer, yes, but flat irons, blow dryers, extensions, and straightening treatments still reign supreme. With a keen eye, however, there are always textured diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered. I can’t wait to unearth this year’s gems!

The Main Stage: I fully expect to be dazzled by the world’s leading stylists who will be taking center stage and showing off their inspired looks at the “International Hair and Fashion Theater”. Nick Arrojo, Ted Gibson (of What Not To Wear), and the Paul Mitchell team to name a few who I’m looking forward to seeing.

The ”Upside Down Speed Cutting” seminar: Really!? Never thought I would use those words together in a sentence, but I’m intrigued and must know what this is all about. Must.

The Fight or Flight of the Keratin Treatment Series: Currently the Premiere Orlando program lists at least 10 different sessions on different Keratin treatments. But these popular - yet polarizing- straightening treatments have recently been under federal fire in the media for their allegedly high levels of formaldahyde. I’m interested to see how this recent news is being handled by these companies and stylists.

BONUS EXTRA CURRICULAR EVENT:The Curly Nikki meet up on Saturday June 4th! Curls!Mingling!Cocktails!Ohmy! I’m totally there so if you’re in Orlando, be sure to stop through! I would love to meet you!

Top 5 Wackiest Hairdos at Premiere Orlando

by CurlStylist on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Who hasn’t been to a hair show and seen a wacky ‘do or two?

We have some beauties from this weekend’s show in Orlando!



TIGI Bed Head

White Sands

Keratin Treatments Star At Premiere Orlando

by Gretchen Heber on Monday, June 7th, 2010

Christo at Premiere Orlando

The thousands of stylists attending this weekend’s Premiere Orlando trade show weren’t Mickey-Mousing around; they were there to shop and learn, and shop and learn they did!

CurlStylist spent Sunday on the floor of the show, checking out all the new products, old favorites and the educational events.

The big news? Once again: keratin treatments. We could hardly believe it possible, but there were actually even MORE keratin treatment vendors at this show than at shows past. We counted 20 manufacturers selling keratin straightening treatments. 20! And several of these keratin product manufacturers also offered well-attended educational sessions at the show.

Read more about the various brands of keratin treatments or the craziest hairstyles at Premiere Orlando!

And while the keratin booths were popular, stylists flocked to a number of other booths that proved popular throughout the day, including Matrix, Arrojo, Michael O’Rourke, L’Oreal (where the company touted its new INOA coloring system) and Morrocconoil, which has recently released a new curl creme.

Argan treatments were also popular, though they didn’t have as big as presence as at some previous shows.

Main stage performances dazzled, too, with shows featuring Takashi Kitamura, Anthony Mascolo, Martin Parsons, Sherri Jessee and more.

Celebrity Stylist Nick Arrojo

The educational events for the first time featured several that focused on curly hair.

Curly hair legend Ouidad’s morning presentation was jammed to the rafters with eager stylists occupying every inch of available space in the room. “Curly hair is regal. It is beautiful,” Ouidad enthusiastically told the rapt crowd. “Curly haired people have a soul,” she added.

The Queen of Curl described her trademark Carve & Slice Method, with assistant Alex demonstrating the cutting technique on a model whose hair had been poorly cut by another stylist. “Carve & Slice is strategically designed to work with the curly pattern you have. It’s designed to cut with the curvature of your hair.”

“Look for the weight when deciding where to cut,” said Alex.

Time slipped by as Alex continued to cut and style the model’s hair, yielding a beautiful look that had the pumped-up and curl-friendly audience cheering.

Back at Ouidad’s booth on the floor, industry color master Cypriano dazzled passing stylists with his makeovers.

At another education event, Christo Fifth Avenue’s Christo thrilled the crowd with his own stunning makeovers—transforming frizz to fabulousness. Of his curl philosophy, he said, “When I design a client’s hair, I design to her texture. And I give her a prescription especially for her texture.”

Kim Vo of “Sheer Genius” fame

Christo also demonstrated his new cutting technique, Diametrix. Hair is divided into 12 sections and specialized cutting techniques are applied. Read more about Diametrix.

Christo also revealed that he will soon be introducing a line of hair care products for tight, coily hair.

Both Christo and Ouidad emphasized how specializing in curly hair can bring extra profit to your salon business.

At another training event, hair care company Surface pushed its root-volumizing product, Push. The room gasped as company rep Wayne Grund demonstrated how the powdery product instantly offers lift at the root and how smooshed-down hair can be revived quickly.

We saw several new product lines we can’t wait to try out: Amika, Obliphica, Angel Professional and Milk_Shake. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on these hot hair care products.

Obedience, from celebrity stylist Charlene Spiller, is a “light, high-performing straightening serum that allows women of any ethnicity to naturally straighten their curly, wavy or resistant hair.”

Celebrity stylists Nick Arrojo and Kim Vo were surrounded by a pack of admirers everywhere they went, and Vo even had a take-a-picture-with-me booth set up outside the main floor. Dozens of giddy stylists eagerly awaiting their turn to have their photos taken with Vo, as the “Shear Genius” star smiled, chatted and treated each one like his long-lost friend.

Were you at the show? Tell us about your experience in the comments area below!

Keratin Treatments Dominate Premiere Orlando

by Michelle Breyer on Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Keratin treatments, such as those offered by Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, were a big focus of Premiere Orlando.

Texture was the focus at Premiere Orlando 2009 — changing a client’s natural texture, that is.

Every other booth seemed to offer some new keratin treatment to straighten or loosen curls and kinks. The main curl-oriented booth, DevaConcepts, sat next to a huge Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy booth, complete with bare-chested models painted silver. Marcia Teixeira, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, NanoKeratin System, Global Keratin, OK Original Keratin, Dream Hair Keratin Therapy, Magik of Keratin, Natura Keratin, BEOX Keratin and X-Treme Keratin Care were among the companies selling products designed to straighten hair without the damage of traditional chemical relaxers. Since gaining popularity over the past two years, keratin treatments have taken the country by storm, with a growing number of hairdressers forgoing thermal reconditioning in favor of this hot import from Brazil.

Noah Melngailis, right, demonstrates to a stylist.

Although the keratin companies’ booths attracted their fair share of crowds, there was plenty of interest in curls and kinks as well. Companies such as John Paul Mitchell Systems, Aquage and Tigi showcased curly styling techniques at their booths along with Deva. And, which officially launched at the Orlando event, attracted hundreds of stylists hungry for information about how to work with waves, curls and kinks.

Another hot product offering this year was argan oil, with several companies showcasing products containing this oil from Marrakesh. The oil, which is said to have restorative and age-defying effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry because it is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acid. It is believed to help all sorts of skin and hair conditions. MorrocanOil, which offers a wide range of haircare products containing argan oil, has become the leader in this niche, and they had a huge booth at this year’s show.

CurlStylist’s Gretchen Heber, right, discusses the company’s new site with curly stylists.

The show — held June 7 and 8 — attracted the top names in the beauty business, including Angus Mitchell and Robert Cromeans from John Paul Mitchell Systems, Kim Vo, Orlando Pita, Nick Arrojo, Martin Parsons and Sam Villa.

Celebrating its 19th year, the show served up its biggest selection of hair education to date, with top-notch educators providing valuable education in a wide number of subjects. Over 43,000 stylists were expected to attend the event this year.

Premiere Scenes: Real Stylists with Real Curls!

CurlStylist’s Michelle Breyer, right, shows an interested stylist the ins and outs of

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