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Farouk Shami Assists Tornado Victims

by CurlStylist on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Farouk Shami Assists Tornado Victims

The destructive tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri on May 22 killed at least 125 people, left 1,500 more missing, damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 city structures and is the single deadliest tornado since officials began keeping records.

Farouk Shami, founder and chairman of Farouk Systems, official hair care sponsor of the Miss Universe Organization and celebrating 25 years of ammonia free color, is doing his part to assist displaced Joplin salon professionals and residents who have been affected by the twister.

Joplin is where it all started for Shami.

A young Shami immigrated to America in 1965 and attended the former Joplin Beauty Academy and worked in the salon in the former Newman’s Department Store before launching his career and world wide company. In 2009, recognizing Shami’s contribution to the professional beauty industry, Joplin Mayor Gary Shaw presented Shami with a proclamation declaring Sept. 20, 2009, as Farouk Shami Day.

“On Friday, May 27, at 11 am, I will be at the State Beauty Supply at 530 Virginia Avenue to help my fellow Joplin salon professionals get their salon back on track by providing salon kits to help them restart their business,” says Shami “People need hope and a sense of normalcy after such disasters.”

Shami is prepared to donate salon kits and products valuing more than $100,000 in assistance. The salon kits are necessary for any salon professional looking to restart their livelihood and have the potential to multiply ten fold in services. He will also be giving away Care kits to Joplin residents containing CHI and BioSilk shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries.

“Joplin laid the foundation to where I am today,” continues Shami. “I started Farouk Systems 25 years ago with a mission and dream. We are a company of hairdressers for hairdressers, and I am humbled that I am able to give back to where it all began for me.”

René Furterer Teams Up with Hairstylist Cori Bardo and The Art of Elysium to Serve Children in Need

by CurlStylist on Monday, April 25th, 2011

Cori Bardo

Stylist Cori Bardo

In partnership with hairstylist Cori Bardo of The Magnet Agency, René Furterer is supporting the Los Angeles-based, nonprofit organization, The Art of Elysium, dedicated to the needs of mentally disabled and critically ill children, with a special donation. The French hair care line, based on pure essential oils and active plant extracts that is loved by celebrities and top stylists alike, is donating their FIORAVANTI Shine Enhancing Kits—each one includes the FIORAVANTI shine enhancing shampoo, shine enhancing conditioner and spray gloss—to support a cause that Cori, a stylist fan of the line, devotes her free time to.

Along with providing artistic workshops in acting, art, comedy, fashion, music, radio, songwriting and creative writing to bring out each child’s creativity, The Art of Elysium also runs a makeover program designed to increase their self-esteem. Believing every child deserves the opportunity to shine, Cori says that she and her fellow volunteers have found “a little pretty goes a long way,” regardless of the child’s condition, be it a physical disfigurement, mental or physical delay or any serious illness. Cori and the volunteers, including make-up artists, hairstylists and nail technicians, will introduce the FIORAVANTI SHINE ENHANCING KITS to their young makeover subjects as they help them to look and feel their best.

In addition to being an advocate for The Art of Elysium, Cori Bardo is one of the most sought-after hairstylists working today. Trained by Vidal Sassoon and a former spokesperson and creative consultant for Sebastian, Cori’s work has appeared in publications including Vogue, Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, Lucky and Rolling Stone. Her ever-growing client list includes a number of A-List celebrities and musicians from every genre.

Stylist Shows How You Can Really Make A Difference!

by Antonio Gonzales on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

antonio gonzales

I was born in Trinidad in the height of a hurricane. I spent my childhood surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells of Carnival and the other Indian, African and Spanish festivals of the Islands. Loving the amazing costumes, I got my start dressing my sisters and doing their hair and makeup. An opportunity came up to work with Trinidad’s leading costume designers, makeup artists and hair stylists. After I left the Island, my career evolved with work in Munich, Los Angeles, New York City and now Miami. Vogue magazine recently named me as one of the rising hairstylist stars in New York, I was awarded the best haircut of 2008 by, Gotham Magazine called me a Shear Genius and Allure Magazine featured me as one of the Best Cuts 2009.

Moving to Miami, I was certain about two things: the ocean was awaiting my arrival and I was going to make a difference in Miami through beauty—one head at a time. When I say make a difference, I’m not talking about the usual cut and color for the usual clients. I mean giving freely of myself and helping women understand their inner beauty is their individual beauty. I believe, once women discover this truth, appearance and beauty come into alignment and their individuality shines.

Through a fabulous new Miami friend, I heard about Casa Valentina; a non-profit that helps young women who have been in foster care. When these women turn 18, they are cast out of the foster care system to fend for themselves, and Casa Valentina helps these young women transition to a lifestyle of independent living.

After doing some research, I discovered just how painfully difficult life can be for these girls. I knew I had found a group of kindred spirits who could benefit from learning that beauty equals “individuality” and what makes someone unique should be celebrated.

In a world where the focus is on our outer appearance, I feel it’s my duty as a beauty professional to let these young ladies know that there is more to self-love than the outside.

I spent a blessed evening with them all crowded around. As I shared with these lovely ladies, I reiterated my personal belief and experience that true beauty is more than skin deep. Needless to say, the girls and I had a blast!! We shared all. We laughed, we related and we listened to one another’s struggles with appearance. I left that evening filled with positive energy, hope, a renewed commitment and a date to return for another lovely night with my new friends.

I am so grateful for this experience. Readers, please take this small example of how we can all make a difference. I hope you challenge yourself to go out into the world and help a fellow man or woman, no matter what your occupation.

As Gandhi once said, be the change you wish to see in the world.

HARPO Hairstylist and Salon Owner Raises $5,700 for Charity

by CurlStylist on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

George Gonzalez

George Gonzalez

George Gonzalez, HARPO celebrity hairstylist and owner of George The Salon in downtown Chicago, opened his doors and heart to the On Your Feet Foundation (OYFF) by donating his salon services and space to raise money for this nonprofit organization. OYFF is dedicated to providing personal support to birthparents to help them get “back on their feet” after making an adoption plan for their child. This small not-for-profit foundation gained national recognition after one of their retreats, a weekend in Michigan City, Indiana, run by birthmothers for birthmothers, was featured on the MTV TV series “Teen Mom.”

Attendees enjoyed haircuts, color and styling sessions with George The Salon’s top stylists with a $100 donation for each service provided. $5,700 was raised during this 3-hour charity fundraiser, an accomplishment owner George Gonzalez is honored to contribute to.

“Having a business gives me a platform to do what I feel is necessary in order to give back to my community. George The Salon’s main focus is on helping victims of domestic violence regain self-esteem,” explains Gonzalez.

“I know firsthand what domestic violence does to a woman’s sense of self. As a child, I witnessed my mother abused by my former step-father and I watched her struggle with her own sense of worth. Whether a woman’s self esteem is damaged due to another person or a difficult situation, I find it is important to support organizations that can provide the resources they need to improve their lives.  When I heard of what OYFF did for birthmothers—women who for a number of reasons place their children with adoptive families—I wanted to help. I have been blessed with the talent of making women feel beautiful and I want to share my gift with as many woman as I can.”

Curly Salon Gives Big

by Megan Dorcey on Friday, March 18th, 2011

Capella Salon

The stylists at Capella Salon.

We have known the curl experts over at Capella Salon in Studio City, Calif., for a long time and we are always impressed with the new and exciting things they bring to the salon (Lorraine Massey of DevaCurl stopped in a couple of weeks ago!).  This time when Shai Amiel, salon owner, told us they were doing something big, we had no idea how big, but we had to find out!

Shai and his team are raising money to provide clean water for developing countries through their salon.  It’s not often that we run into a salon that wants to give back, and what a better way to give back than to provide others with something as basic as water?  When asked about the charity water campaign he’s running, he said that clean water is something that everyone should have access to—water without parasites or leeches.


Many communities in developing countries need clean water.

Charity: Water is a simple, web-based campaign that permits individuals or organizations to set and meet fundraising goals to fund clean water projects in developing nations.  Capella Salon has set a goal of $2,000 which will give water to 20 families, or roughly 100 people.  To help Shai and his team of curly experts give more to this charity, learn more about their Charity: Water efforts here.

Help Save the Gulf Coast

by CurlStylist on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010


More than 500 concerned citizens used hair mats to soak up oil from Ocean Beach, San Francisco, after the Cosco Busan Oil Spill.

Along with the rest of the world, stylists and salon owners are concerned about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Encourage your salon to learn more about Matter of Trust.

But did you know that just by saving the hair you cut every day, you could be helping clean up spills like the one threatening the Gulf Coast right now?

Matter of Trust is a philanthropic organization that collects hair clippings from all over the world, and ship them to U.S. manufacturers who weave them into mats that can soak up oil and clean beaches and harbors.

After the Exxon Valdez oil slick disaster, Phill McCrory, a stylist from Alabama, realized that hair was an efficient and abundant material for collecting and containing petroleum spills.

So, get your hair cut, and save a fish. Or better yet, encourage your manager to sign your salon up for the program, and save lots of fish, not to mention a beautiful coastline.

The Style King: Four Motivators

by The Style King/Ron King on Monday, February 8th, 2010

ron king

Ron King has worked as a hairstylist, transforming people’s appearances, for more than 20 years. With a growing celebrity clientele, King travels the world taking inspiration from different cultures and countries. Along the way, he has developed his own “easy wear” style philosophy which plays up a woman’s natural hair texture and pairs it with natural-looking makeup that’s easy to apply. This mantra led him to launch a signature line of cosmetics for women who want to look pulled together but who are are short on time. King has worked with some of the most respected names in the industry, including L’Oreal Professional, Ted Gibson, Eva Scrivo and Rick Wellman.

As a stylist, I know that it’s easy to feel uninspired and fall into a rut. The day-in and day-out of salon life makes it easy for us to lack imagination, and (horror of all horrors) our clients may start to look the same. But I also know that creativity and passion are the names of the game and the most important part of retaining clients. So over the years I’ve found some ways to keep myself motivated.

Since it’s still the beginning of a new year, I thought I’d share them with you to either try yourself or inspire you to find your own tricks for keeping it fresh and current behind the chair.


First and foremost, learning new cutting or coloring techniques is a sure way to switch it up! Forget the same old foil highlights and sign up for a class that teaches you how to balayage, for example. This will definitely challenge you and give you an opportunity to expand your business. Plus, clients love newness! When they come back and you always have a new technique or product to share with them, they’ll start to look at you as their style authority. Make it a goal to enroll in one class per month – even if your salon doesn’t offer any, take initiative and sign up by yourself or with a coworker.


I travel regularly to new cities. One thing I’ve noticed is that each place has a style of its own, and I love seeing all the different looks and replicating them on my clients when I come home. Now, I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to travel, so, instead, check out a new part of town and see what kind of hair everyone’s rocking. If you work in a suburb, spend a day in a trendy part of the city and look for new style ideas. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what’s out there, probably even in your own backyard.


Nothing will get your creative juices flowing more than participating in events. Doing hair for a local high school fashion show or for a charitable cut-a-thon will introduce you to new people and offer you a rare chance to collaborate with creative people who push you to try new looks.


This is so important to me and something that I require from my staff. We regularly volunteer by teaching classes at a local cosmetology school. The excitement from the students is priceless and rubs off on us, extending to our work. I highly recommend volunteering and sharing your knowledge, the pay back is tenfold.

I know these things work for me, I hope they help you too! For more ideas, style tips and new product reviews, check out my blog

Smoak Salon Helps Haiti - NBC Nightly News Takes Note

by CurlStylist on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Smoak Salon in Jackson, MS, is a salon with a huge heart. On Monday, January 25, they hosted “Haircuts for Haiti” and raised money for The Salvation Army of Haiti.

The salon, usually closed on Mondays, opened its doors and offered haircuts for half price. About $2,000 was raised and donated to the The Salvation Army in Haiti. The event made an impact and was highlighted on “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” as one of the many things Americans are doing to help the Haiti relief effort.

“The day the earthquake hit Haiti, Jackson, which never gets really cold, had below normal temperatures and many of the city’s pipes froze. We were without water for 7 days and I had to close the salon. Since the salon was closed, I had more TV time and became engulfed in the Haiti crisis. Here it was, I had to fill water jugs to flush my toilet, but it was nothing compared to what the people in Haiti were going through, I knew I had to do something. Even though we had to cancel 400 appointments during the 7 days we had no water, I knew I could not wait one more second before helping the people of Haiti. We decided on ‘Haircuts for Haiti’ and set a goal of raising $1,000. We have actually now raised close to $2,000 - due to the local and national press people keep coming into the salon wanting to donate,” explains Suzanne Moak, owner.

PBA/NCA Urges Aid to Haiti

by CurlStylist on Friday, January 15th, 2010

While the PBA/NCA Cares Disaster Relief Fund is designed to help members of our industry after a domestic disaster, the affects of the earthquake in Haiti nonetheless demand our attention.

The Professional Beauty Association / National Cosmetology Association would like to remind and encourage those who would like to help the people of Haiti to do so by donating money at this time to reputable organizations that are equipped to expedite assistance. PBA / NCA recommend donations be given to the American Red Cross - International Response Fund.

Other opportunities for giving:

Oxfam has an emergency team in the capital, Port-au-Prince, responding with public health, water, and sanitation services. You can donate online through its Haiti Earthquake Response Fund or by calling 1-800-77-OXFAM.

Partners In Health is taking contributions for relief efforts in Haiti, including medical supplies. The organization has had a presence in Haiti for more than 20 years, working to address the health care needs of the country’s poor.

You can donate to The Salvation Army’s efforts in Haiti by calling 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769) or visiting their Web site and designating that your donation is for the Haiti earthquake.

The UN World Food Programme is accepting donations. You can donate here.

National Nurses United has issued a call for nurse volunteers to provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

The American Red Cross is in the capital and already assisting in the relief and food distribution efforts.

Other Reputable Relief Effort Organizations:

United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) 

Mercy Corps
Save the Children
World Vision

Catholic Relief Services
International Medical Corps
Network for Good
Operation USA
Operation Blessing International

Convoy of Hope
The Global Syndicate

Beyond Borders
Community Coalition for Haiti
International Orthodox Christian Charities
Baptist World Aid
Doctors Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity

Action Against Hunger

Direct Relief International

B’nai B’rith International
Bright Hope
Hope for Haiti

American Jewish World Service

World Relief

American Friends Service Committee

Food for the Poor

CHF International

The Lambi Fund of Haiti

Islamic Relief USA, in coordination with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The State Department has set up a hotline for Americans to inquire after family in Haiti: 888-407-4747.

There are several ways to donate via mobile device:

  • Text the word “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 on behalf of the Yele Haiti Foundation, founded by Haitian musician Wyclef Jean.
  • Text the word “Haiti” to 85944 to donate $5 on behalf of the Rescue Union Mission and MedCorp International.
  • Text the word “Haiti” to 25383 to donate $5 on behalf of the Internal Rescue Committee.
  • Text the word “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 on behalf of the American Red Cross.
  • Text the word “Haiti” to 45678 (in Canada only) on behalf of the Salvation Army in Canada. 

You can also find updated information and general ways to help during disasters at ReliefWeb, USAID and InterAction.

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