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Top 6 Summer Hair Color Trends

by Trash Talk with Anna Craig on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Summer has just begun and we are already sizzling with hot hair styles this year. We are all so busy traveling, working, going here, there and everywhere, but we still need to look good. Here are some hair color trends to look out for during the hot summer days.


Sometimes called “he art of hair painting,” balayage is highlighting without foils and it gives you more of a sun-kissed, natural look. You can go longer between appointments and you do not get the streaky effect that comes with using foils. This technique is great for curly hair; it brings out the definition of each curl. If you are looking for a more dramatic and light look, this technique is not for you.


First of all, what is the ombre? This color style consists of dark roots and gradually lightened ends with the Balayage (hair painting) technique, giving a very sun-kissed look. This style can also be done very drastically for a more dramatic result. The ombre is great for any hair length or texture and it is very easy to maintain because you can go longer in between appointments. This look started with more of a caramel or blonde tip but now clients are requested different colored ends like reds and punk colors, which brings us to the next look.

Dip Dye

The dip dye is a variation of the ombre. It consists of the dark root and the lightened ends, but the ends are also colored in a “punk” color. Try to achieve the watercolor affect for a subtler look or, if you’re just experimenting, the chalking affect for a temporary approach. This has quickly become all the rage with celebrities.

Punk Colors

Everywhere you look now women are showing up with fun colors in their hair; it has definitely gone mainstream. Pinks, blues, purples, greens…you name it, we will wear it! Put a little or a lot in your hair, make it subtle or make it pop. The school districts do not usually allow the kids to wear it during the school year, so kids are coming into the salon like crazy to get it done for the summer.


Reds have definitely been big this year; our salon even ran out of copper one week because the demand was so high. Go bold and do a bright copper all over or keep it simple and add a few copper streaks to your highlights. Whatever you choose, the copper color is sure to brighten up your look and style. My favorite look is allover chocolate brown with a copper highlight. The look pops and is still natural with a hint of brightness.

Baywatch Blonde

There is a huge request right now for the Pamela Anderson Bleach Blonde look. This bold and bright look requires a little more maintenance; you should be in the salon about every four weeks to keep it perfect. The root needs to be bleached to perfection to make sure there is no brassiness left in the hair and you need to use a purple shampoo to maintain the perfect level of violet. This look is for that client who can never get their highlight heavy enough or just wants that perfect pale blonde.

Dip-Dying and Mixing Color

by CurlStylist on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

By: Jennifer Kenny, The Curl Girl

Drew Barrymore with ombre hair color

As a professional colorist, catering to curly clients, I IMPLORE them not to use box color. Here are a few things I tell them about why box color is usually the devil…

1. Heavier dye loads in some boxes intended to help cover resistant gray can create a very dark — and dull — result on previously colored hair. When applying color to your own hair, the chances that you will be able to neatly apply it on only the new growth are slim. A color designed to open the cuticle layer of your hair and deposit a heavy dose of color molecules is not what you want on hair that has already been processed in that manner. That is, unless you’re trying to channel you inner Wednesday Addams or Billy Bob era, pre-Brad Angelina.

2. Other hair problems are often caused by box color that clients don’t even attribute to their at home fix. Hair can be very dry, have a tinsel like feel that is caused by metallic salts or other harsh ingredients, or have intensified effects from sun or chlorine. Hair will tend to have a matte appearance with little shine or dimension.

Miley Cyrus with an ombre bob

We all know curly hair is already fighting an uphill battle to retain its natural moisture. Home hair color can offset the efforts of curlies devoted to maintaining their curls by using quality styling products. When box color creates too dark results/unpredicted/undesirable results the process required to lighten the hair is ALWAYS going to A) Damage the hair further, or B) require intense deep treatments that help restore the hair/prevent breakage, make it softer and more manageable and add shine. This is FOR SURE going to cost more than having it done in the salon. Whisper the following phrase aloud: “It doesn’t end up saving you money.”

When I’m creating a formula for one of my clients, I rarely use just one color. When mixing up anything from a vibrant, editoral copper to a natural looking “Kardashian” brunette, there is much thought and personalization involved in creating a color formula for each specific head — it’s nearly impossible to get that kind of result from a drugstore box.

I will always warn my clients about using box color, but with respect, acknowledging that neither time nor money grows on trees. This season’s runway hit real life trend — Ombre  — makes it easy for me to offer some clients a hair color option that can provide them a beautiful and professional result while allowing them to stretch time between visits. Roots — this season’s IT color. Well, not really, but kind of. Ombre is actually a graduation of color, from dark to light and is the current “I want THAT hair” request that stylists are getting from their clients. I first fell in love with this look when I saw it on Drew Barrymore, and she’s worn it as a rooty rocker style and as a soft dip-dyed look of sumptuous caramel brown melting to butterscotch blonde.

You can start with a base color that is close to your natural color, or choose to keep your natural color and just color your mid-lengths and ends (more like the Sarah Jessica Parker look).

Wondering if you can pull of this look with not only wavy hair, but shorter, too? Miley Cyrus has (ahem) the best of both worlds, with this easy yet fashion forward ombre bob.

Hot Summer 2011 Hair Trends

by Trash Talk with Anna Craig on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

From coast-to-coast, hair extensions and faded color is all the rage this season. Here’s a look at two hot summer 2011 hair trends.

Hot Summer 2011 Hair Trends

Hilary Duff

Feather Hair Extensions

Right now you cannot go anywhere without seeing people with feather hair extensions. You can dress them up or dress them down which makes them very versatile. They’re also huge at all the schools because the kids can get away with them; schools haven’t outlawed them because they’re a hair accessory. They can be washed, blow dried, curled, and flat ironed, and are safe for hair since they attach with a simple hair extension clamp.

You care for feather hair extensions just like a regular hair extension. The feathers come in all lengths, colors, sizes, and designs. However, if you’ve ever tried to order some for your salon, you’ll find out that they’re sold out almost everywhere. My salon was even approached by another salon to see if they could buy ours! But if you’re lucky enough to order some, you know that there are slim pickings right now because of the high demand. Feather hair extensions started out as fly fishing feathers from roosters, peacocks and various other birds. The poor fishermen are probably a little peeved at all the crazy hair stylists out there buying their stock.

Hot Summer 2011 Hair Trends

Jessica Biel

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color, reverse highlights, or balayaging or whatever you call it is also hot this year. Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff are some of the celebrities who have been rocking this look for a while. This look means having a grown-out bleachy and dark-to-light fade of hair color, with the root starting dark and gradually lightening to the ends.

This look is achieved by coloring halfway up the hair strand to create a natural, sun-kissed highlight. Foils cannot be used because they will cause the hair to look too streaky. If the hair has previous highlights and the highlights are too high up on the hair shaft, you will have to create a dark root by coloring the roots to the midshaft their natural color, and sweeping the color down almost half way. Then you will have to go back and color the midshaft to create a natural highlight and to break up the line. Ombre hair color is more economical for many clients because they are able to go between appointments a lot longer.

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