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Antonio’s View: Taming Your Tresses

by Antonio Gonzales on Monday, March 22nd, 2010

antonio gonzales

I was born in Trinidad in the height of a hurricane. I spent my childhood surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells of Carnival and the other Indian, African and Spanish festivals of the Islands. Loving the amazing costumes, I got my start dressing my sisters and doing their hair and makeup. An opportunity came up to work with Trinidad’s leading costume designers, makeup artists and hair stylists. After I left the Island, my career evolved with work in Munich, Los Angeles and now New York City. Here in New York, I am a stylist at the Orlo Salon in the Meat Packing district. Vogue magazine recently named me as one of the rising hairstylist stars in N.Y., I was awarded the best haircut of 2008 by shecky’, Gotham Magazine called me a Shear Genius and Allure Magazine featured me as one of the best cuts 2009.

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Curly hair in the summer can be difficult for some women and a challenge for most. Depending on where we live, our climates can be characterized by dry heat or being extremely humid. Generally, some of the obstacles we face include: dehydrated hair, frizzing and curls shrinking as opposed to being a bit looser as they are in the winter.

As hairstylists, we have our favorite products of all time that we use to address these issues and we love to share them with each other. I am happy to have the opportunity to share these products with you; products that have changed my life and that of my clients. Some of them are new and some are old, but no matter what, I expect they will add something to your station and make your life easier when dealing with curly tresses.

Renew by Orlando Pita (Dry Conditioner)

Working with Orlando Pita has changed the way I see, touch and think about hair. A big part of my training is understanding how products can affect hair in order to obtain the best results. This product has actually won awards for Orlando and T3, and here’s why. We’ve all heard about dry shampoos, but this dry conditioner can change hair that is a bit fly away and contains static to hair with far more control.

It truly is a miracle product! It’s conditioning with a unique blend of botanicals and Vitamins E, B6 and…the best part…no water is needed.

Plump (for all hair types)

Curly hair lacks two things—definition and moisture. Plump can give definition without being packed with alcohol and can also leave the hair feeling great. If you have a client with fine, color-treated curls and you don’t want to stress her/his hair, try adding this with one of your favorite curl creams to get the definition needed. It’s great to diffuse with as well and has heat protection.

Moroccan Oil Treatment (for all hair types)

On my many trips to Trinidad and Tobago, I always see my nieces running into the ocean and running out with dehydrated and tangled hair. On my recent trip, I lined up the girls (like a crazy person) and one by one I added a quarter-size dab of this product to their dry hair from roots to ends.

The smell is to die for and the result as they returned from the water was nothing short of a miracle. As the hair dries, the combination between the salt water and Moroccan Oil left the hair feeling fantastic!

Kérastase Gelee Aqua Proof (ultimate sun protection)

Kérastase has created a wetsuit for the hair and it really works. Have your clients use it as a styling gel before hitting the beach or lying out. They can wear their hair curly or slicked into a bun. One thing’s for sure; they will maintain the curl and the best protection from the sun and salt. It will also protect the hair from further dehydration and loss of color.

Kérastase Soleil Voile Protecteur (leave-in spray)

I love this product!

It’s one of the best styling products for my own hair. Being Ethiopian and Portuguese, my hair is different on the top and sides. My hair is also fine, but I have a lot of it. This product is great for clients who like to air dry their hair. I recommend spraying it into your hand and applying it to the client’s hair while molding it into the shape you want.

The result is hair that dries well and the client can feel free to run their fingers through it after it is completely dry. I also add a little of the next product in the lineup on thicker hair.

Kérastase Crème UV Défense Active (rinse off conditioner)

I use this product on my own curly hair in the height of summer and the results are flawless. Although it’s a rinse-off conditioner, I leave it in as a styling product. Amazingly, it does not build up like some other products. In the spring, I mix it with the previous product to weaken it a bit.

Naturina Rejuvenating Pure Oils

I am always looking for one product to share that can achieve the job of many. This is especially true during these times when there are several products on the market to choose from. About four months ago (at least), I came across a product that seemed interesting. That product is Longevity Rejuvenating Oil by Naturina.

It’s a multi-purpose, pure oil that will be an incredible asset to your daily routine in the salon. I recommend adding a little to hair color for clients with sensitive scalps. It’s amazing for thick, frizzy hair in the sun because of its conditioning effects and its UV protection. You can add a little to your favorite hair mask as well. I also use it. Simply add a few drops to your styling products and dry as usual. If air-drying, use less.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and of any recommendations of your own.

I wish you a great day in the salon.

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