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Grow Income With Eyelash-Enhancing Services

by Megan Dorcey on Monday, June 28th, 2010

Kim Kardashian sparks the most envy with me when it comes to beauty.  Of course, the starlet has the perfect skin tone and luscious locks, but she also has the most stunning eyelashes!  I know that she is genetically blessed with Armenian features that I (pale-skinned, red hair, freckles, etc.) will never have naturally.  I like to pride myself on the fact that I have been a take-charge woman who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  So instead of accepting this as my fate, I began seeking out ways to not so naturally enhance some of my features with inspiration from Ms. Kardashian.

Eyelash extensions are becomming such a hot trend among the beauty community, I can no longer ignore it.  In fact, I am willing to embrace this trend, and after doing some research I am one step closer.  When my esthetician first said to me, “You have gorgeous lashes, but you would look great with some extensions,” I was clueless.  She began to tell me about lash extensions, and to be honest; every single one of my girliest dreams started looking more like reality.  I am an advertiser’s dream—purchasing every single lash-enhancing mascara and tool I see in the makeup aisles.  What if enhancing my lashes a little more permanently would rid me of the constant barrage of goopy wands almost completely?

I finally decided that I was going to do some research on the matter and stumbled upon a few different products.  Salons and beauty stores are starting to carry an alternative to the lash extensions such as Lash Food’s natural eyelash and eyebrow conditioning stimulators that would provide longer, darker, and stronger lashes.  This line of products is different from prescription-only Latisse, in the sense that it will not cause any kind of side effects. The ingredients are all natural and consumers can purchase it from you, rather than having to get it at a pharmacy.

If you want more of an instant gratification, JB Cosmetics also offers lash extensions and lash-curling services.  The curling, or “Simple Perm”, as they have dubbed it, is a short procedure that gives lashes the same effect a lash curler would, only semi-permanently.  Another lash extension service by NovaLash offers training to stylists everywhere so that you, too, can be on the cutting edge of the beauty world, as well as build revenue in the process.

Lashes are playing a major role in the beauty and fashion industry.  A site called has taken lash art to a whole new level by offering fashion-forward adhesive lashes that are made out of paper.  This just goes to show that beauty conscious consumers are ready to bat their lashes at a new wave of beauty products.  How can you, as a stylist, cash in on the lash craze?  Do your research on topical treatments as well as extensions and see which one would fit in with your clientele.

Kim Kardashian may have been born with beautiful lashes, but it’s comforting to know that I—and your clients—can join the club whenever I want!

Clients Increasingly Demanding Natural Products

by Michelle Breyer on Friday, September 18th, 2009

Greg Starkman, founder of Innersense Organic Beauty, quotes a statistic that should make every stylist and salon owner take notice: 98 percent of all consumers who use natural and organic products will walk out of their salon without buying a single product.

Instead, they will drive to their local natural foods store or log onto a natural products site to buy natural and organic shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

Too many salons are missing out on a major opportunity, says Starkman. But they don’t have to.

In July, Starkman launched the I Care campaign for salons so they have a way to spark the conversation with clients about natural and organic products.

“The message speaks directly to the organic consumer,” Starkman says. “Salons need to carry products that meets the needs of the consumers who are seeking healthier choices in their beauty products.

Starkman says the I Care Campaign will be ongoing throughout the year and seeks to draw in this growing and savvy segment of health-conscious consumers. It includes point-of-purchase materials strategically placed around the salon and on retail shelves with information about Innersense, and the “laundry list of ingreidents that Innersense is free of.”


The Innersense line

One of the biggest opportunity for salons, he says, is with the “Tweeners” - those clients between 18 and 25 who are among the largest segment to embrace healthy, environmentally conscious choices.

“It’s becoming a very powerful consumer base,” Starkman says.”

Starkman is no newcomer to the professional beauty industry. He grew up with a mother and uncle who were beauty professionals. As a teenager, he got an early start filling beauty products for his mother’s cosmetic line, which she sold at her Beverly Hills Salon. Over the course of his career, he worked for hair-care companies such as Joico International, Helene Curtis and Nioxin, most recently serving as president of the Institute of Trichology.

He became interested in the idea of creating an organic hair care line for salons, and launched Innersense in 2006. The company’s name came from a wise psychologist who counseled Starkman and his wife, Joanne. As parents of a child with special needs, they worried that they wouldn’t always know what to do. The psychologist told them to “trust your inner sense.” And they did.

Innersense is a certified green business, which means it complies with environmental regulations and has taken extra steps to conserve energy, water, reduce waste and prevent pollution. Innersense is an active member of

Innersense now has a wide range products for the hair and skin, and all formulas are made with certfiied organic ingredients. It is available in more than 1,000 salons.

“We’ve been growing at about 22 new salons every month that contact us,” Starkman says. “A lot of times, their clients recommend the products to them. They are driving their stylists to carry them.”

One of the biggest complaints about natural and organic products traditionally has been that they don’t perform as well as their counterparts. But Starkman says that has changed as new ingredients and formulations have been developed.

Starkman uses the example of I Create Quiet Calm Curl Control, one of the company’s best-selling styling products. Rather than silicones and plastics, Quiet Calm uses ingredients like shea butter, wheat germ oil, rooibos and certified organic honey to define and moisturize curls.

Starkman doesn’t see a line like Innersense necessarily replacing all other products within a salon but rather complementing it by offering quality professional products for those clients who want a natural, organic option.

“Innersense addresses the needs of a specific client,” he says.

If you would like to carry Innersense in your salon, contact Innersense at 1-877-254-7385.

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