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Move Over Mickey: Premiere Orlando is Coming to Town!

by Cassadie on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This weekend, beauty professionals from all over the world will be taking over the land-o-Disney for Premiere Orlando, the largest beauty industry event of the year! I’ll be on the ground chatting with vendors, snapping pictures, and interviewing stylists to bring YOU, yes you, you NaturallyCurly-ites, the latest, greatest, and hottest from the show!

Out of the the hundreds upon hundreds of vendors and education programs here are a few things that I’m really excited to check out:

Curly Hair Tips/Tricks/Products/Styles: A no-brainer, yes, but flat irons, blow dryers, extensions, and straightening treatments still reign supreme. With a keen eye, however, there are always textured diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered. I can’t wait to unearth this year’s gems!

The Main Stage: I fully expect to be dazzled by the world’s leading stylists who will be taking center stage and showing off their inspired looks at the “International Hair and Fashion Theater”. Nick Arrojo, Ted Gibson (of What Not To Wear), and the Paul Mitchell team to name a few who I’m looking forward to seeing.

The ”Upside Down Speed Cutting” seminar: Really!? Never thought I would use those words together in a sentence, but I’m intrigued and must know what this is all about. Must.

The Fight or Flight of the Keratin Treatment Series: Currently the Premiere Orlando program lists at least 10 different sessions on different Keratin treatments. But these popular - yet polarizing- straightening treatments have recently been under federal fire in the media for their allegedly high levels of formaldahyde. I’m interested to see how this recent news is being handled by these companies and stylists.

BONUS EXTRA CURRICULAR EVENT:The Curly Nikki meet up on Saturday June 4th! Curls!Mingling!Cocktails!Ohmy! I’m totally there so if you’re in Orlando, be sure to stop through! I would love to meet you!

ABS 2011 Hair Show Wrap-Up!

by Alicia Ward on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Yesterday marked the end of another magic year at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. We had a blast and absolutely loved the A-list of hair and salon professionals that showed up and flew in from all over the country and world. In addition to the A-list salon professionals were thousands of cosmetologists, hailing from every state in the US. It was a great show, big on theatrics and big on big hair! We wandered the show for days and rounded up the best of the best of the people at America’s Beauty Show.

ABS hair

ABS hair

ABS hair

ABS hair

2011 Hair Styles: Trends from the hair show!

by Alicia Ward on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Do you know where trends come from or wonder why every magazine is telling you that something is the latest and hottest look? It’s because of events like America’s Beauty Show. America’s Beauty Show is where thousands of salon professionals like you will converge to learn from top industry pros about the latest products and techniques in hair, skin and nails. Then what you learn will be available at your salon – thus, creating the trends.

This year at America’s Beauty Show there were lots of hot new trends. Below we detail the hottest trends for curlies.

Platinum locks!

Make your client’s dark locks a thing of the past with the new hot trend of platinum curls! Everywhere you looked woman and men were rocking platinum locks. If you want to be give your client a bold look this season offer them a shade of platinum to kick their color up a notch.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Seeing Red!

Big bold red is very hot this season. The red of this season is a deep almost maroon and looks amazing on olive and dark skin tones – however, those with plate skin can pull it off too! This color will make your client stand out and add some serious dimension to their curls.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Cut it Short!

Say goodbye to those long layers and hello to short curl bobs! The bob has always been a classic style for curlies but it’s being taken to new extremes this year with fun layers and super short styles. Is your client ready for a big change? Give them a super short style today. Short styles allow your clients to show off their other features and play with accessories.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

5 Things I Learned From My First Trade Show

by Megan Dorcey on Sunday, March 13th, 2011

After attending my first trade show, I have realized that they are a lot like your first day of middle school: loud, exciting, and overly stimulating.  America’s Beauty Show in Chicago this weekend has delivered on all of these fronts, and just like middle school, it was exhilarating!

I was given a lot of advice by my CurlStylist sisters but some things you still need to learn on your own.  There are so many things that I know I will do differently next year, now that I have a little more experience on the show floor.  Here is what I have learned so far:

America's Beauty Show

How a newbie made it through!

1.  Wear comfortable shoes!  I saw too many ladies out there with the glazed-over painful look that comes along with wearing heels for 12 hours shlepping through airports, hotels, and then the crowded show floor.  Even my flats were starting to leave blisters!

2.  Cab lines are always going to be long.  We were standing in line with so many amazing stylists and the cabs just weren’t coming in fast enough, so we rallied a group of stylists into a limo and shared a ride downtown.  We got to learn so much about each person, and even met the faces behind Schedulicity.  Even bigger score: we were invited to the Schedulicity party at the W Hotel tonight-yay!

3.  Use the showroom floor map. I seem to remember more than one time yesterday that I had gotten transfixed in a presentation and lost all sense of direction.  Learn how to use the map, and don’t worry if you are lost at sea, there is so much to take in and enjoy that will keep you entertained while finding the exit.

4.  Everything is Inspirational.  Stylists and salon owners shouldn’t get overwhelmed by every new and exciting thing on the floor.  Most of what is happening is meant to be inspirational, and you should take home as many pictures and brochures to remind yourself of everything that you witnessed.

5.  Rest & Relaxation.  You won’t be doing anyone a favor on day two of a trade show floor if you are over-exhausted, hungover, and grouchy.  Don’t get too caught up in the excitement and you will thank yourself the next day while operating at maximum capacity on the show floor.

That being said, there are so many other tips and tricks, but if you are a newbie like me, these 5 simple rules will keep you out of trouble and feeling inspired.

Bronner Brothers Showcases Natural Hair Movement

by Michelle Breyer on Monday, February 28th, 2011

Atlanta, GA—It was big news at Bronner Brothers, the convention. Bronner Brothers, the brand, unveiled its NuExpressions Naturals for Natural Hair product line—a 4-piece collection that consists of Scalp-Ale Shampoo Spray, BLT Twist Cream, Braid & Lock Oil Spray Oil and BLT Twist Cream For Braids, Locks & Twists.

If ever there was a doubt that natural hair is being taken seriously, the doubt was erased at Bronner Brothers in Atlanta, a 4-day convention that attracts more than 60,000 hairstylists, exhibitors, distributors and cosmetology professionals.

Over the past six decades, the convention has gained a reputation for its exciting, jaw-dropping extravagance. This year, for example, six of the most sought-after stylists are dueling in a boxing ring at the “Hair Battle Royale” for $20,000. Bronner Brothers is recognized as the largest beauty and trade show of its kind in the world—an Atlanta institution celebrating 64 years of family tradition, African-American pride, family unity and creative hair.

In past years, much of the focus was on highlighting ways to relax natural texture rather than enhance it. But this year, many of the exhibitors showcased products for natural hair. They included smaller boutique brands such as Jane Carter Solution, Shea Moisture and Black Onyx World. But brands including Design Essentials, Softsheen-Carson, Mizani and Bronner Brothers also showed off their natural hair offerings.

An entire series of classes at the show is focused on natural hair techniques—classes like “Dynamic Hair,” “The Art of Natural Hair,” “Natural Reaction” and “Innovative Styling for Natural and Locked Hair.” “All Curls Are Not Created Equal,” taught by natural hair guru Taliah Waajid, was designed to teach stylists how to work with clients who are free from chemicals and those who want to transition their hair to its natural curl pattern.

“When you leave this workshop, you will have everything you need to service all curly, wavy, kinky and coily textures of natural hair,” says Waajid.


Vendor’s t-shirt says it all: “I love my natural hair.”

Bronner Brothers

Bronner Brothers unveils new Naturals for Natural Hair line

Anything goes

Anything goes at Bronner Brothers

Derrick J

CurlyNikki poses with the fabulous Derrick J of “Housewives of Atlanta” fame


Mizani True Textures products for natural hair were among those spotlighted by the L’Oreal professional brand

Black Onyx

Black Onyx World was among the natural haircare companies showing their products at Bronner Brothers

Hair is Art at Bronner Brothers Show

by Michelle Breyer on Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Around every corner, there was something else spectacular and jaw-dropping—whether it be hair fashioned into a cube or a bare-chested man with long, flowing curls. Welcome to Bronner Brothers. The show was founded in 1947 by Nathaniel H. Bronner Sr. and his brother, Arthur Bronner Sr. It is recognized as the largest beauty and trade show of its kind in the world. Incredible hair creations were on display everywhere—from the models on stages to the people attending the show. One of the highlights of Sunday’s show was the Grab Bag Competition. In this contest, contestants are only allowed to use products that they are given in a grab bag. Stylist must give his or her model a hairstyle that will complement her outfit. Styles on stage included braids, twists, updos and more.

Rainbow hair

Short with a purpose

I love your hair

He loves your hair

Grecian goddesses

Grecian goddesses

Grab bag

Grab Bag contest

ISSE Draws a Crowd to Long Beach

by Michelle Breyer on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Celebrity stylist Michael O'Rourke

Celeb stylist Michael O’Rourke

texture on display

Long Beach was the place to be the last weekend of January, as more than 40,000 beauty professionals packed the convention center at the International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach.

ISSE Long Beach 2011 featured such industry leaders as Karg + Blackwell, Kim Vō, Martin Parsons, Nick Arrojo, Joico, Clairol Professional, Repêchage, RUSK, TIGI, OPI, and Creative Nail Design, along with many other leading beauty manufacturers and cutting-edge “indie” brands.

Color and texture dominated the show. Brands such as Rusk, Clairol Professional and Wella showed off new color technologies, while keratin companies were prevalent on the show floor.

In addition to smoothing technologies, big texture was celebrated. Companies such as Farouk Systems and Tigi displayed techniques to create and define texture.

Products containing natural oils such as argan and macadamia continue to be a hot commodity at the show, with giants like Morrocan Oil as well as newer brands like One’n Only and Earthly Body Products.

The International Salon & Spa expo is the largest cash-and-carry professional beauty event on the West Coast.

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