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5 Must-Have Tools for Your Station

by Trash Talk with Anna Craig on Monday, October 4th, 2010

anna craig

Hair has been Anna Craig’s passion since she was 12 years old, this has always been her path in life. In 2001 she went to school in Tempe, AZ, at the Carsten Aveda Institute. After doing hair for about 5 years, she realized that precision haircuts were her specialty, after years of thinking that color was her calling. After doing hair in Arizona for several years, she took the plunge and moved to Texas, and her career took off. She soon opened her own salon, Trashy Roots Salon & Spa. There she became a Certified Deva Stylist, specializing in Curly Girl haircuts. She is also an Artistic Educator for Pravana, which gives her the opportunity to go out to different salons in the area and educate them on new products and techniques. She is also very involved in her community; holding annual cut-a-thons, participating in benefit hair shows, and helping with local beauty schools.

Before you even start working on a client the biggest thing you need to make sure is that your station is clean and presentable, this ensures that you look professional. A messy station could make a client think that you are running late or that you are not very organized. Before you start each new client, clean up from the client before.

1. Cutting lotion/spray
A great detangling spray is the best way to start any haircut or styling service. These products can also be used to even out porosity before a color service.

2. Shears
Having multiple shears to choose from is always optimal, but at least have; a cutting shear, a thinning shear, a razor and an edger. This gives you options to do any haircut and so you are prepared for any client.

3. Combs
Different types of combs are needed to perform all of your services. Make sure you have several cutting combs, a large comb for detangling, a pin tail comb for highlighting, and a rat tail comb for teasing/volume. Always have multiple combs, in case you drop one.

4. Appliances
A blow dryer, flatiron and various curling irons are necessary to finish out your clients. A client should never leave wet or unfinished from the salon.

5. Brushes
A variety of brushes in needed so you can work on different heads. One brush will not work on all clients—different brushes for different hair. A boar bristle for smoothing curly/coarse hair, a ceramic for adding volume, a Denman for styling, and also having all these brushes in different sizes to accommodate various hair lengths.

Being prepared before your clients arrive is always the key. Also being ready for any type of client assures that you will be running on schedule and is good for time management. This will show your professionalism and will let clients know that you are ready to do their hair.

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