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ABS 2012: Color Me Cinnamon

by Cassadie on Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Cinnamon hues were hot on the Avlon stage this year at America’s Beauty Show. We were loving this multi-dimensional coppery-red with honeyed highlights which complimented this model’s highly textured, haute-couture coif. Avlon Platform Artist and Educator Marco Ortiz used the following formula to achieve this warm, rich tone on a virgin application of color:

• 2 ounces of 10N
• 5 oz of 5RC
• 3 oz of developer 20 volume (for the highlights)

To achieve the final style, Avlon artists shingled the model’s 4a hair with KeraCare Natural Textures Defining Custard to define and lengthen her coils. Once the hair was fully dry from this wash’n'go set, the artist used a flat twisting and pinning technique on one side, back and part of the front to create a half-updo. The truly versatile finished look is perfect for both daytime and evening wear.

Win Big With Pravana Hair Color Contest

by CurlStylist on Monday, May 16th, 2011

brig van osten

Brig van Osten

You’re a cutting-edge stylist whose coloring skills are as varied as the hues in a rainbow—literally! From red to violet, you can creatively customize a seriously colorful semi-permanent coloring job. If Pravana hair color products are the secret weapon supporting your talent, then “Show Us Your Vivids” is the contest for you. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity combines Pravana’s Naturceuticals Vivids with “Shear Genius” winner Brig Van Osten’s top talent.

To prove you’ve got prowess, all you have to do is upload three images, one of a ho-hum “before” model and two of your model “after” exposure to your very own unique methodology of applying Pravana’s Vivids color. Your fate then rests in Brig’s hands—the seasoned stylist and owner of P!ay Hair Lounge in California will select three licensed professionals as the most creative color-ers.

The first-prize winner will receive a paid trip to an editorial photo shoot with Brig herself. Those pictures will then wind up in a major salon industry publication! Second place will receive $1,000 worth of Pravana hair care, styling and coloring products, while the third runner up will be gifted with $500 worth of products.

If you have what it takes to color the world your way, visit from July 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011 to get more information and to enter the first ever Show Us Your Vivids contest. Then, anxiously await September 5, 2011 when Brig will bestow her three favorite colorists with premium prizes. Happy coloring!

Fixing Fine Hair with Color

by CurlStylist on Monday, November 15th, 2010

Color can be a fine hair fixer, if done properly. Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, categorizes fine hair into two categories—low density (hair shaft is thin and grows far apart) and high density (hair shaft is thin and grows close together). Each type has characteristics that need to be taken into consideration before coloring.

“Using color to add dimension and brightness to fine hair can make it look thicker. The ideal combination is highlights contrasted by lowlights to add depth and intensity, but it’s not always possible to achieve that in fine hair,” explains Villa.

Low Density

Darker hair can give the appearance of looking thicker, but very fine hair should not be colored too dark or too light. If it’s too dark, the contrast against the scalp can make hair look even thinner. If it’s too light, there is not enough contrast between the scalp and hair and this also makes it look thin.

High Density

High density fine hair can be pumped up with surface highlights and lowlights – it changes the texture of the hair and the lowlights provide contrast against the highlights, which add depth and dimension.

Get Your Clients’ Locks Fall Fashion Ready!

by Alicia Ward on Monday, September 20th, 2010

Fall Curly

Time to transition to fall. Follow these tips to get your clients’ locks ready for the fall fashion season!

As the heat starts to fad and cool nights begin to increase we all start to think about how to prepare for fall. With the changing of the seasons often comes the changing of our clients’ hair colors. Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Roots Salon & Spa, has six tips to help your clients transition to the perfect fall look. Craig, Pravana Artistic Educator and DevaCurl Specialist, has more nine years of experience, and is extremely passionate about colors. She ensures if you follow her steps, your clients will be fall-ready in no time!

3 steps to getting your client’s hair ready for fall color change

1. Deep Condition: Tell your clients to use a great deep conditioner a week prior to their dye appointment. You want to make sure their hair is strong and healthy. Make sure to tell them to do this around a week out—too close to their appointment will prohibit the color from fully penetrating.

2. Clarify: Talk to clients about clarifying. Ask them to clarify their hair to remove build up at least three days prior to their appointment. This will remove any access build up before their hair gets its new fall look.

3. Hydrate: Inform them to use a hydrating conditioner for one week prior to their appointment including after their clarifying treatment. Hydrating conditioners are a great wavy to lock in your clients moisture without coating the hair too thick to prevent color penetration.

3 Steps Color Change for Fall

Transitioning your clients’ summer locks to fall is a slow and steady process that allows you to have control and create a gradual transformation that is completed correctly.

1. Add depth! Slowly start to add depth back into the client’s hair via lowlights. Just an initial shading. You don’t want to go too dark at first.

2. 5 weeks later add more depth by weaving in more dark pieces

3. 7 weeks later add additional depth. Majority of the time this will be the final step of the fall color transformation however, it may take additional time if you want you change to be even more gradual.

Redken Offers Fall Color Forecast

by Staff on Monday, August 17th, 2009

As temperatures begin to cool down outside, so will hair color this fall/winter season with more sophisticated, cooler brunettes and blonds. Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color, and David Stanko, Hair color Consultant for Redken, offer info about the latest in fall hair color trends, professional hair color products to achieve these trends, and consumer tips to communicate with their colorist and to adjust to the “coolest” looks of the season.

“Small adjustments can help consumers update their look from season to season,” explains Cunningham. “When summer comes to a close, I plan to cool my clients’ shades down this fall/winter season with Redken’s new Color Gels Ash Blue — creating sophisticated, cool shades. A color is said to have “cool tones” if it tends toward blue or violet, such as platinum blonds, ash browns, and plum reds.”


Drew Barrymore

Lindsay Lohan

Trend #1: Brunettes

“Brunettes will go to a whole new level this fall/winter with an overall cooler base. Think Fergie’s shade; her lighter highlights really show through her dark, chestnut base making her haircolor look so flawless and effortless,” says Tracey Cunningham.

Trend #2: Blondes

Cunningham says: “Blondes will be blond this fall — think Drew Barrymore’s cool, nearly platinum-blond shade for this inspiration. Clients can often be concerned with the cost to achieve and keep the perfect shade of blond, but I find that women cut back in other areas rather than haircolor as it’s one of a consumers’ most prominent and most-seen-everyday accessory!”

Trend #3: Redheads

“This fall/winter, redheads will be more sophisticated and playful with their beautiful shade, with deep red tones and a few cool, blond highlights throughout to enhance the red even more,” says Cunningham

“To complete the fall/winter hair color story, Redken is launching the new Color Gels Ash Blue shades, creating sophisticated, icy cool blonds and brunettes to cool, correct, and condition women’s hair,” says Stanko. “The three new easy-to-use, versatile shades neutralize warmth and increase cool tonalities from subtle to intense degrees. Redken’s exclusive Select Dye System ensures long-lasting results with supple conditioning and shine. Consumers looking for these cooler shades for fall/winter should ask their colorist about the new Color Gels Ash Blue.”

Color Gels Ash Blue Features and Benefits:

  • Select Dye System: 100% oxidative, long-lasting dyes for color with holding power and resistance to fading
  • Wheat Proteins: Help protect hair’s protein structure during the coloring process
  • Avocado Oil: Serves as a natural emollient to help keep hair soft, touchable and glossy

“Remember that good communication with your colorist is essential for getting the color you want,” adds Stanko. “A few minutes of pre-salon prep can help you explain your goals, and ensure that your colorist understands your desired result.”

More from Redken on their new colors


Three new shades to create the most sophisticated, icy brunettes and blondes. The ultimate addition to the Color Gels palette, new Ash Blue shades neutralize warmth and color correct with a blue corrective tone. The exclusive Select Dye System ensures long-lasting results with supple conditioning and shine.

Who is it for?

  • Colorists looking to create sophisticated, icy cool blondes and brunettes when lifting to lighter levels.
  • Colorists looking to expand the versatility of the Color Gels palette by mixing with other Color Gels shades to increase cool tonalities from subtle to intense degrees.
  • Use Color Gels Ash Blue shades on their own to color correct using a blue tone or for ultimate cooling.

5AB Twilight:
Provides strong blue tones to control orange undertones on light to dark brown hair. Use as a stand alone shade to provide the coolest results. Mix a small amount with R, RB, or RV shades at a similar level to increase the degree of coolness in final result. Mix with an N shade at a similar level to cover gray while maintaining a cool tonality on the finished result.

7AB Moonstone:
Provides light blue tones to control orange undertones exposed when lifting light brown to dark blonde hair. A stunning stand alone shade, yet it can be mixed with NA shades at a similar level to create subtle variations on the degree of coolness in your final result. Mix with an N shade at a similar level to cover gray while maintaining a cool tonality on the finished result.

8AB Stardust:
Provides lightest blue tones to create the ultimate icy cool blonde. 8AB offers superior control of warmth when lifting light brown to medium blonde hair. Mix a small amount with level 9 and 10 shades to prevent excessive warmth when lifting to lighter levels. Mix with an N shade at a similar level to cover gray while maintaining a cool tonality on the finished result.

How is it used?

Mixing and Processing

Mix Color Gels shades in a 1:1 ratio of color to Color Gels Developer (10, 20, 30, 40 volume). Example: Mix 1 oz. 7AB Moonstone Color Gels + 1 oz. 20 Volume Color Gels Developer.

  • Always use immediately after mixing
  • Processing time is up to 45 minutes, depending on the developer used
  • Process at room temperature. DO NOT USE HEAT

See Color Gels Shade Chart or Education Guide for more detailed mixing and processing information.

Pre-Service Best Practices

Before you begin any chemical service:

  • Precisely follow package instructions for haircolor, lightener and texture products
  • Perform necessary patch tests as outlined in the directions
  • Wear suitable gloves for all preparation and applications
  • Utilize protective smocks or capes for you and your clients during the service

Launch: October 2009

Available: Salons and stores

Pay it Forward

by Staff on Sunday, August 16th, 2009

If a client spends $300 in May/June on color services, she will receive a $30 gift certificate to be using during July/August toward her next color application. This must have an expiration date to build urgency. This rewards the clients who get their touch-ups every 6-8 weeks and therefore keep the stylist and salon busy.

— Source: KMS California
Nicki Lind
Public Image
Timonium, MD

Keep Your Test Strands Organized

by Staff on Friday, May 22nd, 2009

As salon professionals, we usually have very busy days in the salon. If you’ve ever had a situation where you ‘forgot’ which test strand goes with which formula, here is a simple rule to follow: always put the lighter formula on the left side in the back of your guest’s head. Then, place the darker of the two test strands on the right. Do the same thing with your haircolor and lighteners when foiling, so when you look down at your color trolley or station, the lightener is on the left and high-lift color is on the right. If you do this, you won’t have to question your test strands and highlight choices.

— Redken

Foiling Tip
for Time Management

by Staff on Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Work ahead of yourself. To determine your formula when coloring between foils… do a strand test.

Before placing foils, place 1 or 2 test strands in the back of your guest’s head, set a timer for your processing time and begin foiling. When the timer goes off, stop foiling and check your test strands. After choosing the test strand you like best, finish your foil placement, mix your test strand formula and apply between foils; process accordingly.

— Redken

Ouidad Advises use of Demi-, Semi-Permanent Formulas

by Staff on Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Did you know that curly hair requires special formulas and techniques to insure healthy shine and color that lasts?

Demi- or semi-permanent formulas are best for coloring curly hair. Curly hair tends to be drier, which makes for a more vulnerable starting point. Special formulations and application techniques must be used so the hair won’t look heavy or “spotty” in tone and appearance. Ouidad uses a dual-step coloring approach that mixes color with conditioners, glazes, and vitamins to balance the dimension of color on curly hair and promote tone longevity and vibrancy. Beautiful color results extend into coloring stubborn, curly grey hair and creating natural-looking highlights utilizing a variety of colors for authentic-looking, lasting results.

— Ouidad

Devachan co-founder Launches Highlighting Kit

by Michelle Breyer on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Highlighting your textured tresses takes time and money—and we’re talking long-term maintenance! Recognizing that many women can’t always make it to the salon or afford to constantly refresh their locks with sun-kissed hues, Devachan Salon co-owner Dennis DaSilva developed a highlighting system, HC Color Fantasies, that clients can use to achieve salon results at home.

“I put a salon in a box,” says DaSilva, noting that 65 percent of consumers use at-home hair color products but are often frustrated with the tools they’re given to apply color. “If you’re going to do highlights at home you actually have to be able to do it.”

The new at-home system features a unique application tool, which DaSilva showcased to beauty editors at an Oct. 24 press event in New York. Providing demonstrations of the new “Preciso” highlighting tool, DaSilva showed how it differs from other home-highlighting kits that often offer awkward combs or brushes to apply color. The new and reusable tool resembles a clamp, that’s designed with space to insert color and precisely apply it to sections of hair.

The HC Color Fantasies kit provides a salon-level color solution, as well as a color-locking cleanser and conditioner infused with the antioxidant Acai berry. And as event-goers sipped Acai-infused cocktails sprinkled with tiny, brightly colored flowers, a model illustrated the tool’s user-friendly features by applying highlights to her own hair. An instructional DVD is included in each at-home kit to ensure that consumers use it correctly.

In addition to the home-coloring kit, the HC Color Fantasies product line includes a daily moisturizing cleanser, leave-in conditioner and styling gel–all containing Acai.

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