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Re-Book Your Client With Celeb-Worthy Hair Accessories!

by Megan Dorcey on Monday, June 21st, 2010

The mercury is rising and we all know what that means: less is more in the clothing department.  Coping with the heat can take a client’s wardrobe choices and cut it in half.  So what should you suggest to add some glitz and glam without adding unwanted layers and heavy jewelery?  Hair accessories.

The days of stick straight hair are long gone.  Everyone from that gorgeous model on the runway, to your favorite celebrity, to the girl next door is sporting something pretty in her wavy ‘do.  Sparkly brooch-inspired clips, glitzy headbands, and simple up-do tools are popping up all over the hair scene.

This is a very quick and simple way to offer an option to your client and they will be so happy with her style that she won’t hesitate to re-book her next appointment before walking out the door.  Simply suggest she bring her favorite hair accessory along to her cut or color and offer to style it in a fun way that they may not have thought of.  This will only take a few extra minutes and ensure a returning client.  If your client doesn’t have a favorite accessory, stock up on a few trendy and inexpensive pieces that she can take home.  Making your client feel special when she walks out the door will mean the world to her, and don’t worry-she will tell her friends how much fun they had with you!

Is your client hesitant to add an accessory?  Try a summer-friend celeb craze such as the messy braid or face-framing braids that are a simple way to transform their look.

Need some hair accessory inspiration?  Pictured are a couple of my favorites that work perfect in waves, curls, kinks, and coils.

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