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ABS Texture! Panel with Top Curl Experts was a Huge Success

by Alicia Ward on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

America’s Beauty Show was underway and thousands of stylist and salon owners gather to expand their knowledge, see top stylist and enjoy the entire “show” experience. Sunday March 13th was a huge day at ABS as it was the second annual “Texture” programming.

Texture! returned to ABS this year! This one-of-a kind free event showcased leading texture experts and educators in an intimate, interactive forum which included live hair demos. Texture! was hosted by founder Michelle Breyer and Modern Salon’s Editor-in-Chief Laurel Nelson, highlights of the event included:

Texture Trends: Fashion, Entertainment and Pop Culture Influences
Texture Cut, Color and Style: How-To Demos and Advice
Texture Opportunities: Make More Money Serving Curly Clients
Texture for Men: What’s New for Curly Guys?
Texture Q&A: Our experts, your questions!

Attendees were able to meet and greet the leading texture educators and brand leaders. The panel included the following:

John Benedetto, Director of Education for GK Hair: John has over 25 years of experience in the salon industry. In his prior role as Aveda’s Director of Global Hair Color Education, John was instrumental in creating Aveda’s Brands of Full Spectrum Hair Color and creating techniques for Aveda Collections at Video and Photo Shoots.

Shari Harbinger, “The Go To Curl Girl”: In her double-duty role as Director of Education for DevaConcepts and Color Director for Devachan Salon and Departure Lounge, Shari has both a loyal group of clients that rely on her for shiny, vibrant shades that are as modern as they are beautiful, and an enormous following in the salon industry for her eponymous training sessions.

Ouidad, the “Queen of Curl”: She is an internationally recognized stylist, salon owner mother, author and global educator. In 1984, as the pioneer of the curly hair industry, she opened the first salon in the country to cater exclusively to curly hair. Since then her trademarked cutting and styling techniques and specialized line of award winning products, have instilled confidence in curly and wavy haired people everywhere.

Anthony Dickey: He has spent the better part of his styling career—both on set and in the salon—trying to dispel the myth among women with kinky, curly and wavy hair that their texture is problematic or unruly. Touted as a “Style Svengali” by the New York Times, Dickey has mastered the mystery of textured hair to create iconic hair styles for designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities alike.

Veronique Morrison: As Director of Education for MIZANI, a division of L’Oreal, USA, Veronique creates and manages the production of all technical curriculum, training programs, and creative trend presentations for a national salon audience.

Erica Grabczyk: American Crew’s International All-Star Erica Grabczyk certainly knows how to talk and cut men’s hair at the same time. She swiftly became the Director of Education at Groom Salon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specializing in male-specific design. Erica is top-rated in the City of Milwaukee for men’s hair (Milwaukee Magazine), having worked at Groom since 1999 as both a Lead and now Master Stylist. She trains nationally and internationally as an American Crew International All-Star Educator.

Ana Daniel, Artistic Director & Educator for Ouidad: This Dominican Republic native has spent several years working with Ouidad and loves ensuring that her clients not only have a style they love but also have the information they need to care for their curls at home. Ana’s work has appeared on the pages of many magazines and on the heads of numerous celebrities.

Michelle Breyer and Shari Harbinger

Michelle Breyer and Dickey

Megan at Ouidad Demo

Megan at Ouidad Demo

Bag giveaway winner

Stylist bag giveaway

American Crew Answers Our Curly Man Product Wishes

by Megan Dorcey on Monday, February 21st, 2011

We admit that here at, we get a little psyched when we hear about some of our favorite salon brands coming out with more diverse curl-specific lines.  Needless to say, when we caught wind that American Crew has produced a curly man line, we went nuts.  Maybe it has something to do with spring in the air around our offices, or the gorgeous curly guy on the cover of this season’s “Texture!”, but we are a little curly-boy-crazy these days.

American Crew has designed a 3-part line for their curly men including Boost Powder, Boosting Cream, and Curl Construct, specially designed to help our curly men celebrate their natural texture.  We (much to our disappointment) don’t have any curly men working here, so we had to branch out to two of our favorite curl-loving male stylists.  Who better to give us a little perspective on this new line, than the most important men in our lives: our stylists!M

We know that men gravitate towards any cheap gel that they can get their hands on, so we asked Ron Valdez, Redken educator and owner of Estilo Valdez in Austin why he would recommend these products to his clients. “The one thing I love about all three is that because they are all low to no shine, they will have a great appeal to men.  Our male clients prefer that their hair not look ’styled’, as you know most styles for men, especially young men, look more relaxed.”  We couldn’t agree more, with the Boosting Powder adding a little to damp hair brings out a full, loose appearance on curls.

Michael Victor, co-owner of Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials in Toronto, offered his own spin on the Boost Cream, “I know it says to use on wet or dry hair but for me I liked to apply it on damp hair.  I found I was able to control the distribution of the product better. The curls formed well, and the second day it was also easy to re-work. I found it too strong when I applied it to dry hair, but it was good for spotting on the sides and front to create a different look. I would say use with care and not too much, as it goes a long way.”

Ron King of the new Ron King Salon in The Four Seasons Austin has also been experimenting with the three products, stating that the Curl Construct was his favorite for curly clients with finer hair who wanted more of a boost.  He also cautioned us that a curly man who didn’t want too much volume should use the Boosting Powder with caution.

We’re so excited to find this line on our local professionals’ shelves, to share with the curly men in our lives!

Testing New Products From American Crew

by Antonio Gonzales on Friday, February 11th, 2011

antonio gonzales

I was born in Trinidad in the height of a hurricane. I spent my childhood surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells of Carnival and the other Indian, African and Spanish festivals of the Islands. Loving the amazing costumes, I got my start dressing my sisters and doing their hair and makeup. An opportunity came up to work with Trinidad’s leading costume designers, makeup artists and hair stylists. After I left the Island, my career evolved with work in Munich, Los Angeles and now New York City. Here in New York, I am a stylist at the Orlo Salon in the Meat Packing district. Vogue magazine recently named me as one of the rising hairstylist stars in N.Y., I was awarded the best haircut of 2008 by shecky’, Gotham Magazine called me a Shear Genius and Allure Magazine featured me as one of the best cuts 2009.

American Crew has been on the tip of my tongue since the early days of my career. As a company, they have been a strong driving force in our industry for many years and still offer us great education on men’s precision hair cutting and relentless support on product knowledge. These are my thoughts on some their latest additions: Curl Product and Boost Cream.

My hair is not only curly, it’s fine, straighter at the back hairline and frizzy on the sides. So like all curly-haired people, I have my personal routine. I’m not a big believer in towel drying my hair because it destroys the curl and I have to spend too much time fixing it.

The Curl Product

As a consumer, I read the directions on the Curl Construct to see what their thoughts were on using it. They recommended applying it to towel-dried hair and then styling. Easy, right? Well, as you know, it takes a little more than that to style curly hair. That’s where we as hairstylists come in. Being that I’m now growing out my own hair, I figured “What better time than now?” for me to test this new product. The added bonus of my experiment, and subsequent bonus for my readers, would be to use it in two different climates, that of New York City and now Miami.

A little went a long way with the Curl Construct in New York’s cold climate. I applied it by gently squeezing the product in with my hair turned up side down, I then got dressed and walked out the door. The Curl Construct dried with definition and I was able to shake my head and loosen up the curl as the day passed. What I liked about my hair was the shine; the definition was great but it was not crunchy or flaky. The following day I was able to rinse my hair (since I hate bed hair) and apply a tiny bit more. The product actually reactivates when you wet it, so less is more.

For the client with thicker coarse hair, this is a perfect product because it conditions while controlling frizz with softness. Keep in mind that you, the hairstylist, will know your client’s needs best so use your judgment.

This product’s consistency proved too gummy in Miami, so I used less and added a tiny bit of Crew styling gel to add some alcohol and thin out the product. I must say, the one thing I don’t like when going curly is the look of having product on your hair. Though it felt okay, it ended up looking a little too glossy for my liking. This product might have been too heavy for more humid tropical climate experienced in Miami.

The Boost Cream

American Crew Boost Cream

This product was recommended for adding body and shine to towel-dried hair. It was easier to apply, and a little creamier than the curl product, which I liked. In the cold climate it delivered the body and shine it said it would. It’s great for men with coarse, longer hair. It held the wave in my hair well and when it dried I was able to run my hands through it easily. But do keep in mind, though, that a little goes a long way.

In Miami this product also delivered good styling results, and 11 hours later after applying it, it felt soft and held its shape. I would not recommend it for super-fine-haired guys.

I noted Boost Cream, much like Curl Product, left the appearance of “having product in my hair” and whether or not that’s the look your client is wanting to achieve is a matter of personal preference.

In all, I liked the products for my male clients but, as with almost everything in life, these products might be right for some, and not for others, and that is for you ( the stylist) to decide, depending on what your client expresses he’s looking for.

Thank you, American Crew!

Show Your Stuff
in Fashion Frenzy Competition

by Michelle Breyer on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Have you ever wished the world could watch as you transformed an ordinary client into someone extraordinary?

BSG CosmoProf is sponsoring the Fashion Frenzy Hair Styling Competition Aug. 30-31 in at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, Ill. at the Fashion Focus show. Teams must make over an ordinary client into a fashion-forward professional. The winning team will receive a photo shoot with Babak centered around the winning styles, and will be featured on the cover of CosmoProf Shopping Guide.

Judging for the Stylist Competition will take place at 3 p.m. Aug. 30, and judging for the Student Competition will take place at 2 p.m. Aug. 31.

Styling makeovers can include three stylists per team, while student makeovers can have six students per team. Each team gets one model to make over, either male or female.

Judging will be based on hair, esthetics, nails and fashion. Hairpieces and/or accessories cannot cover more then one-third of the head, and a minimum of one color is required in the hair

Geno Stampora

The event will be hosted by industry legend Geno Stampora, the 2009 inductee of NAHA North American Hairstyling Awards Hall of Leaders. Stampora has been a distributor and sales consultant to salons, a major platform artist, and has shared the stage with the world’s greatest artists.

Fashion Focus 2009 in Schaumburg is an opportunity for stylists to learn from some of the biggest talents in the business. It’s an opportunity to learn about new cutting techniques, get client consultation advice, find out about marketing ideas and learn management tips.

Exhibitors include American Crew, Aquage, Joico/ISO, Goldwell/KMS, Kenra and many more.

For more information, click here or e-mail

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